Cashing in on the thousand-horse Demon 170: New aftermarket goodies

Demon 170 number plate

Dodge has lined up a number of new products for owners of the world’s quickest 0-60 production car, the 1,025-horsepower 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170.  Buyers must call the Dodge//SRT concierge team at 800-998-1110 to verify their vehicle ownership and place orders; and they have one year, from September 6, 2023 through September 6, 2024, to get their orders in.


The goodies are:

  • Custom SRT Demon 170 decanter set (included with the car)
  • Instrument panel badge (included with the car, engraved with the last four digits of the VIN and up to 16 custom characters
  • Jay Leno’s car detail kit (included with the car)
  • Custom Goodwool car shell, $2,640
  • Satin-stretch indoor car cover, $695: The cover molds to the contours of the Challenger SRT Demon 170, with large SRT Demon 170 logos prominent on the sides and “170” on the front and rear fascia areas
  • Direct Connection gear:
    • Harness bar, $1,389: Made from 4130 chromoly steel, it attaches to factory mounting locations, requiring no alterations
    • Seat harness mounting kit, $179.99: Includes quick disconnect and seat support bracket with a powder coat finish
    • Rear seat delete carbon-fiber closeout panels, $3,999: including floor and back panels, made from pre-preg carbon fiber
    • Parachute mounting kit, $1,329: Includes rear bumper support, parachute pack mount, powder-coated pack mount, powder-coated support bar and more (parachute not included)
    • Parachute release, $899: Includes leather-wrapped handle, floor mount/bracket, cable, actuator and hardware
    • Trunk organizer, $899: Carbon-fiber, custom fit, sized to hold Leno’s Garage detailing products


1 thought on “Cashing in on the thousand-horse Demon 170: New aftermarket goodies”

  1. Something that would be cool for Direct connection would be to make drop-in kits with the new Hurricrate engines and transmissions for the 15+ Chargers/Challengers/300/Durango/Grand Cherokee models as well as Kits models for the Jeep Wrangler & the Ram 1500 pickup trucks. Seeing that they’re not coming out with Stage Kits for the 392s or anything for the Hemi cars or GT/SXT cars, Direct Connection could seriously offer these kits with complete driveline upgrades (since they sell them anyway in separate pieces) so that any of these vehicles (sub-hellcat) could experience get in on the upgrades of the newer powertrains. Direct Connection could seriously be a gold-mine for the brand, especially with all of these new turbo engines coming out. Some Carb-legal turbo upgrades could yield big power and stay emissions friendly and really give some of the aftermarket companies some love without voiding warranties. Not only power wise but chassis and handling upgrades as well as cosmetic upgrades as well. Companies like Vicrez, which is hugely based on the current Mopar vehicles and does alot when it comes to styling upgrades could be bundled into Direct Connection’s appearance enhancement segment and there are several other quality performance companies out there that provide products that offer better than factory quality and performance that could be pulled into the list of Direct Connection Mopar approved upgrades. With the turbo engine setups, it’d be nice to see companies that are known for working with these engine setups get pulled into the Direct Connection segment as well. Turbonetics, AEM, HKS and others would be great additions to the Direct Connection catalog and would help push the market, and the desire for these new powertrains.

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