Cherokee turbo replaces V6; down to two trims for ’23

The 2023 Jeep Cherokee will have no V6 version, with the 3.2 liter engines made only for that model already out of production. Instead, buyers will have a choice of two models; the Altitude LUX has the old 2.4 liter four-cylinder while the Trailhawk has the new 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder. (An earlier announcement suggested the 2.4 was no longer available in the Cherokee, but that appears to have been reversed.)

2022 jeep cherokee trailhawk

The 2023 Cherokee Altitude LUX 4×4 has 17-inch gloss black wheels, LED lighting, Nappa leather seats, seven-inch gauge display, and heated steering wheel and seats. The Trailhawk now has standard auto high beams, auto-dim rear mirror, alarm, and garage door opener. The Altitude LUX and Trailhawk both had price increases for 2023; production ends at the close of February 2023.

The 2.4 engine is rated at 180 hp/171 lb-ft; the 2.0, at 270 hp and 295 lb-ft, beating the old 3.2 V6. Both have a standard nine-speed automatic with LED headlamps and the latest UConnect systems.

Canadian editions have standard navigation, adaptive cruise, blind spot monitor, rear cross path detection, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, and advanced parking assistance.

All 2023 Cherokees have black interiors, though there is a choice of silver, blue, red, and gray for the exterior; all will be 4x4s.

8 thoughts on “Cherokee turbo replaces V6; down to two trims for ’23”

  1. Really like my 2019 Cherokee Overland. There should be little doubt that a replacement is on the way since this market segment in the recent past bought the Cherokee in large numbers. Regrettably, its competition from the too similar Compass and a few shortfalls on basic design in a rapidly evolving segment necessitated a replacement. I believe the next Cherokee will be based on the upcoming all electric Wagoner S and will come with four and six cylinder power, rear wheel and all wheel drive and some form of optional electrification. Both new Jeeps will be built along side each other in the same facility.
    I expect the next Cherokee will be a bit wider, a bit longer and address, as an owner and fair minded critic, , the few shortfalls of limited interior space, cargo capacity and true Jeep capability.
    Most important this gives Cherokee a true step up and distinctiveness from Compass and turns the Cherokee into a true mid size Grand Cherokee position just right for people looking for a classic sized Jeep worthy of the Cherokee designation.

        • Maybe it’s leftovers that were supposed to go to the Promaster City from Dundee? Either way the 2.4 and 3.2 are done, for the U.S. at least.

          • 3.2 production has stopped. 2.4, I don’t know, but I think it’s still going on… though it would be normal for it to end pretty soon since Cherokee’s only got another six weeks.

  2. I’ve been driving Cherokee limited’s since the 2014 Introduction. Drive a new vehicle every year. Very disappointed that I will not be able to lease a 2023 MY Cherokee. The 3.2 engine has been my engine of choice for all of my vehicles. The Grand Cherokee is beyond my affordability and I have doubts of the Compass will fill my needs.

    Where can I go from here. Dodge Hornet?

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