Experiencing Radford Racing School, Formerly Bondurant

Starting back in 2015 or so, the Bob Bondurant High Performance Driving School became the official driving school of Dodge/SRT. Through that partnership, everyone who buys a new Dodge SRT product gets a free one-day course at the Arizona-based educational facility and all of the production-based vehicles used at the school back then were Dodge Challengers, Chargers and Vipers.

Dodge Challenger at Radford

Back in 2021, Bob Bondurant sold the school to a group of investors (and former students of Bondurant) who renamed the facility Radford Racing School. Since then, the new ownership has completed some extensive upgrades which include a new surface on the main road course track, so the facility has a fresh look- but it is still the same basic curriculum as it was under Bob Bondurant. In fact, many of the instructors who trained under Bondurant are still teaching at Radford, so in terms of the quality of driving education, it is still provided by the same world class instructors with the same basic theories.

Dodge Charger at Radford

Late last year, I attended Radford Racing School’s two-day High Performance Driving Education program and I wrote about the entire experience in a series of articles for Dodge Garage. I also attended the school back in 2015 when it was still under the ownership of Bob Bondurant, so when I took the class last year, I got a great look at what has changed and what has stayed the same.

Dodge Challenger at Radford

In short, the facility has a new name, new classrooms, lots of fresh paint and new racing surfaces, but the way that the instructors teach and the theories presented in the classes are nearly similar to what was taught under Bob Bondurant. In other words, the quality of education is still fantastic, but the facility itself looks better than ever.

Dodge Challenger at Radford


Below is a list of links to my articles at Dodge Garage, where I talk about the various aspects of Radford Racing School – from each of the driving education programs to the new name and ownership.

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