STLA’s (and Jeep’s) European sales year

Stellantis had a bad 2022 in European sales, falling 14% and giving up market share to every manufacturer other than Jaguar and Mitsubishi. Jeep fell by 20%, the worst fall of any Stellantis brand.

It was a bad year for European automakers in general. Volkswagen dropped by 6%, Renault by 3%, BMW by 5%,a and Mercedes by 4%. However, Hyundai grew by 4% and Toyota grew by 6%. Ford was about even, Volvo down by 13%, Nissan by 5%, Mazda by 10%. The worst performers were Jaguar Land Rover (down 20%), Mitsubishi (down 22%), and Stellantis.

The biggest STLA brand remains Peugeot (down 15%), with 619,173 sales across the EU, EFTA, and UK, followed by former PSA brand (purchased from GM) Opel/Vauxhall with 428,145, down 12%. Fiat came in at 395,378, down 17%; Citroën at 375,578, down 16%. Jeep was next in line, and the only other STLA brand to break 50,000, with 103,174 sales (down 20% but still double DS sales). Lancia/Chryslr was at 41,096, down 6%.

The most premium of STLA brands had gains. These were DS (49,999), Alfa Romeo (32,737), and “others” (Dodge, Maserati, and Ram; 7,263). The “others” group had a happy 40% gain, though that translated to just 2,000 vehicles.

At Renault, the namesake brand dropped by 14% but Dacia gained by 16%, nearly evening things out; Alpine gained 35% but Lada dropped to nothing, and neither of the two niche brands sold over 3,300 cars in 2022 or 2021.

Sales in Europe are dominated by the top four brands—Volkswagen (25% share), Stellantis (18% share), and Renault and Hyundai (9% share each); BMW and Toyota both claimed 7%, Mercedes 6%, and Ford 5%. From there the shares drop to 2% or less.

4 thoughts on “STLA’s (and Jeep’s) European sales year”

  1. This is what happens when you start increasing price of vehicles 3 or 4 times a year.

    At Ram they charge you extra for paint want Black Red and many other color’s other that plain white well that is 495.00 extra want the same paint on the bumpers well that’s another 495.00 bucks.

    Plus the base price of the truck has gone up so high the options should be included.

  2. Yeah and the Challenger and Charger Scat Packs no longer come with heated seats or steering wheels unless you want to cough up another $3,485.00. The T/A Package went from $3,995.00 to $5K (only two of many examples). Little Timmy and Co. didn’t raise base M.S.R.P.s for ‘23 but found a new (not really) way to screw us. I’m also glad that “Anonymous” is as pissed off as me about the paint up charges. Pretty soon they will charge $1.00 per pound of air in each tire ($36.00 X 4= $144.00). “Is this any way to run a car company, you bet it is” (Lee Iacocca)

    • They aren’t unique. Some companies require you to pay $395 for ANY paint color – no free ones. Some have a single free paint color. Some package every single car with insane options like a $300 set of wheel locks (keyed lug nuts). Some charge $500 for floor mats… and $600 for a single key fob.

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