When you should expect new Hornets

The Dodge Hornet has finally made it to the USA web site’s Build & Price section. Some sample options are the GT Plus trim ($35,490), or red paint and seats on the GT Plus ($37,085 total); the Track Pack is $2,995, including 20 inch wheels, and a nicely loaded car with these features and the Tech Pack runs $41,830.

2023 Dodge Hornet

But… when will they arrive? At least one car carrier has been spotted carrying a load of Hornets through the United States. On the other hand, an Allpar reader, serpens, wrote that Hornets were being held at the ports until March so they could build up a good supply, then do a giant media ride-and-drive and sales push. The RT and RT Plus—the hybrid-electric versions with greater acceleration—are not due until late April, according to serpens.

More officially, the word is that Hornets will be in the dealerships in the spring—which could mean March—with the GT available first. The GT has a turbocharged 2-liter engine rated at 265 hp and 296 lb-ft, running 0-60 in 6.5 seconds—on par with the Mazda3 Turbo, which is at the top of the 3 lineup. That power is routed through a nine-speed automatic with a sport mode that also tightens up the steering.

2023 Dodge Hornet

Many are more excited by the Hornet R/T, which has a somewhat slower 0-60 (7.1 seconds) but, in conjunction with the PowerShot system, can run that sprint as fast as 6.1 seconds. The PowerShot provides up to 15 seconds worth of extra electric power, which can be repeated after a 15-second cooldown. The R/T can run on hybrid mode, full electric (for around 30 miles), and E-Save, which preserves or enhances battery charge. The transmission is a six-speed automatic. It can also be plugged in, handy for commuters who can make it all the way to work without gasoline.

For more, see Motales’ Hornet coverage.

13 thoughts on “When you should expect new Hornets”

  1. As a Mopar or No Car guy, nothing about this product excites me. It’s a small/midsize SUV with an optional plug-in hybrid powertrain. I guess it’s what people are buying these days, but it’s really hard for Dodge to stand out when they’re just making what everyone else makes. 265HP is nothing to brag about, and the prices are $10K higher than what it probably would have cost pre-pandemic and pre-inflation. So the value proposition, while possibly competitive, is certainly not compelling. This is not a stand-out product, it’s a me-too product, and it will face some pretty stiff competition from the established brands. If I wind up needing a midsized SUV, I’ll give them a look, but with Jeep available at the same dealership, I probably won’t look hard or long.

    • We know each other pretty well, so I respect your position. On the other hand, as they say, the proof is in [the eating of] the pudding. If they make something that’s basically a Compass with a better engine (and now the Compass will have quite a nice engine), and sell it at $40,000, I agree with you. On the other hand, think about Apple for a moment. The iPhone is nothing special on pure feature list and price comparisons, right? It’s all about the execution. Same for the original iPod that took the world by storm. That had nothing to do with white headphones; it was making something that was incredibly well executed in a world where everyone else just made sure they had a long feature list.

      If the Hornet is like the original Neon or LH car—an incredible car to drive compared with the competition, not necessarily based on any one factor (e.g. 0-60 times), it will be a home run and worth buying. That’s what I’m hoping. I mean, the Honda Civic Si is sought after not because it’s the fastest car or whatever, but because it’s really well executed. It does everything pretty well. The original Intrepid wouldn’t necessarily outrace a V8 Ford Crown Victoria, (though actually I think it did), but it had that combination of huge interior space, good handling, reasonably good cornering, acceleration, economy, comfort, and ease of use.

      I’m going to reserve judgement for now.

  2. Do every one a flavor ,keep that for the over sea`s market ” why ” one word too Small inside . just do us all a smart move and bring the ” Avenger ” here to the USA , dont think about that hornet as a big seller here .

    • They just might want to consider killing off Dodge and Chrysler completely. Hornet and Durango competitive with Compass and Grand Cherokee L. Chrysler only has ONE product (Pacifica). Roll that over to Ram as a family version of the Promaster series. Even make a BEV to complement the other models and keep the tree-huggers happy. After M/Y ‘23 Dodge and Chrysler are no longer relevant. Send “Little Timmy” over to Maserati. He can’t disgrace that brand anymore that it already has been. Again, this is just my $.02 so Joe Bob or whatever that yahoo’s name is from yesterday can S.T.F.U.

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