Dodge Introduces the First Teaser of the Final Special Edition Muscle Car

On March 20, 2023, Dodge will introduce the seventh and final Last Call special edition car at the Roadkill Nights event in Las Vegas. Today, the high performance brand issued the first teaser for that vehicle.

Dodge Last Call Teaser One

The new Dodge teaser is the video below, and it is just 11 seconds long. We see a creepy face fade in from the darkness during the first four seconds and as it vanishes, we hear the familiar start-up roar of a modern Hemi engine. Frankly, it sounds a whole lot like my Hellcat Challenger when it starts, but everyone who has been waiting for this last special edition car is expecting something Hellcat-based.

In addition to the video, this was the wording in the press release. There don’t seem to be any clues in here, but this explains what the brand has in store for the next few weeks.

“Dodge is firing up a trail of hints and clues as the brand blazes forward toward the reveal of the seventh and final 2023 “Last Call” special-edition model, announcing a weekly series of teasers to stoke already red-hot anticipation for the ultimate Dodge special-edition vehicle.

In addition to the animated graphic released today, Dodge will drop a new video teaser over four consecutive weeks starting on February 22, leading up to the global debut of the final “Last Call” special-edition vehicle at the Dodge Last Call Powered by Roadkill Nights Vegas one-day performance festival, scheduled to take place on March 20, 2023, at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Each weekly teaser will contain clues to the identity, and performance DNA, of the special-edition “Last Call” vehicle.”

So, tell us in the comments what you think that this first video teaser is telling us and in a week, we will have another teaser to share.

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  1. Ho-hum. Another trim package for the Challengers that get wrapped around the Hellcat drivetrain. I’m sure this stuff is important to collectors and the most die-hard fans, but it’s really nothing more than paint and plastic. I would happily accept any Hellcat-powered Challenger; the name of the edition doesn’t impress me.

  2. Man why don’t you commenters go buy a damn Toyota then. I don’t know why some of you even follow. Always a negative comment. Is that what you tell your GF when you meet her. Ooooo ho hum, another vagina wrapped in cheap Walmart panties just like the last one. 😟

  3. Well I can’t wait and truly believe this will be one badass car . I can’t afford one being disabled. But I would literally chop off one of my fingers to have one. Mopar or no car. By the way i drive a 2008 dodge challenger srt8.

    • I too drive a 2008 3/4 SRT8 with 4,000 miles and have just as much fun, and get as many looks if i were in any other challenger. for instance i was with a friend over the weekend and he has a 2018 Hellcat going we cruising through town hardly noticed? not saying there is nothing wrong with it , it is a very sharp machine , i think with time people is seen a lot of them since the beginning . back when i got my 08 srt i was the first one in three counties to have one had people taking pictures from the side walk and stop lights about wrecking there car not paying attention .

  4. Make all of them lease to own to stop the dealer markups and flippers.

    At the end of 7 years you can purchase the car for $1.

    And give some away like Dodge did before to regular people instead of influencers.

  5. You guys are absolutely hilarious! Part of the reason I love Hopefully this new Mopar candy is wrapped in something from Target and not Walmart! (sorry, I’m just picky that way lol!!) To be fair though, how many ways can Dodge reintroduce the hellcat? Don’t get me wrong, I love them all and I’m always happy and excited to see anything that Dodge does as I am a fan of the Mopar brand but it is a bit silly and redundant at times. I think we’ve been in suspense with Dodge for so long now alot of us have truly lost interest in waiting and we’re all like “Okay, Stellantis, wake us up when whatever happens finally happens.” Truthfully though, I think that the guys over at Stellantis are trying to do what they can to keep people excited about the brand because of all of the changes that are coming over the next few years. I’m sure all of the CEOs up there are full of trepidation & angst about what’s going to happen when the next generation of vehicles comes out. Now obviously I don’t know exactly what happened or why, but someone, must have said to the Dodge brass that they had to drop the Hemis and Hellcats for whatever reason and start focusing on smaller powertrains and EVs. While it may seem like they’re just picking on Dodge for no reason, truth is, there are fewer v8 powered vehicles out there in the world and everyone is switching over and going with smaller displacement engines, hybrids and EVs. Dodge is kind of the last one to switch over but honestly alot of the Mopar brand has been switching for the last several years and they’ve held out with the Hemi V8 power plants as long as they could. While I am excited about what waits for us beyond 2023 and all of my crazy “what if” articles and wanting to be open minded with my viewpoints on EV performance, the new Hurricane engines and the potential of what they can bring and all of that, the truth is I am genuinely going to miss what is sure to be the last of the great American pushrod V8 engines. Where I live and work, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t hear the glorious sounds of Hemi V8s going up and down my street or even coming into the shop for repairs and maintenance. There is something truly special about the Mopar V8 and honestly we are going to truly loose that when the last one rolls off the assembly line at the end of the 2023 Model year. Even to write that statement makes me kind of sad. But I think that may be part of the reason Dodge is doing things the way that they’re doing with these “last call” teasers. For “what so proudly we hail in the twilight’s last gleaming” may be the last time we get to see, hear and experience these types of vehicles roll off of a production line. So yes, while it’s just the same ole’ hellcat in a different wrapper, I am grateful that there is still an “American” car company left that still pays attention to us and still tries to make us, the enthusiast, happy for as long as they can and I’m grateful that even though they’re changing, they are still trying in their own rebellious way to reach us with their products under whatever constraints they may be under. I know we don’t all agree on the new products post 2023, but we should at least be happy that they’re trying to stay unique and not just “follow the Tesla leader” like some other American brand is doing.

    • I don’t think that it will be named “Ghoul”. It will be a Challenger. That was when it was supposed to be powered by the “Hellephant” crate engine (7.0 / 426 C.I.). The reason that it is so late to the market was due to torpedoing a bunch of engines during testing (as many or all of you know). Anyway they are predicting 900-950 Crank H.P. They can very easily pull 1,000 C.H.P. out of a stock 6.2 S/C with the addition of larger injectors, additional fuel pump, pulley and tune, NO INTERNALS. Petty’s Garage built my ‘22 Challenger HCREWB and it pulls 850 R.W.H.P./ 997 C.H.P. on pump gas (93) / 1102 on E-85 / 1355 on VF Race fuel (110). All for a reasonable price. Anyway, just my $.02.

  6. Here is my thoughts what the last call will have as for name plate, do not laugh too loud. what company did Chrysler buy years ago , that had had these brands and one still going and the rest have been reinvented once up on a time “AMC” (Jeep), (concord ), (Wagoneer) , (Hornet ), Matador , Javelin and of coarse AMX . but what’s left that’s evil? The teaser kind of looks like the “GREMLIN” ? could this name resurface ?just a thought……….stay tuned….

  7. This is my thoughts, Chrysler bought AMC years ago and the Jeep is still going and they have reintroduced the Wagoneer, and the Concorde back in the 90’s, and now the Hornet, the teaser kind of looks like a “Gremlin” ? could it be? stay tuned (SRT GREMLIN)……..

  8. As a buyer in ‘10 I have enjoyed the improvements and increases in performance since. The more variations, the more people to please. And yes, some features will come and go. Prices will rise. Special offers will occur. Speculators/dealers will cause angst and venting of spleens.
    Life will go on.

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