Hornet/Tonale and Ford fires and other recalls

There was a single Stellantis recall this past week, for loose battery cables which can cause fires in the 2023-24 Hornet and Tonale. Fewer than 5,000 vehicles were involved, all plug-in hybrids; the 12-volt battery positive cable and/or high voltage connector may be loose, causing fires while parked.

Ford on fire, Tesla steering wheel recalls

In other recalls, 2024 BMW crossover knee airbags may not deploy; Ford E-350 and F-650/F-750 trucks may roll due to an unsecured transmission; 2020-22 Ford Explorer/Lincoln Aviator high-voltage batteries may short circuit, causing stalling or fires; and 2023 Mercedes GLC300 front tow eyes may come out when towing. Finally, 2018-21 Kia Stingers may stall due to fuel pump failures.

Relatively minor recalls were 2019 Volkswagen Jettas not warning when the key was left in the ignition; 2019-21 Nissans not showing rear view images;

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