Jeep slapping cash on the hood to clear 2023s

rebates - cash on the hood of 2024 Willys

The 2024 Jeep Wranglers have new convenience features and updated styling, with 4xe available on all but the base model and Rubicon 392. The chart below shows that Wrangler prices grow quite rapidly as one goes up the trim chart, but doesn’t reflect the steep cost of options—including paint colors other than black or white, which cost far more on a Wrangler than on a Dodge Challenger or Charger.

Model    2-Door4-Door 4xe
Sport S$35,395$39,395$49,995
High Altitude$66,995
Rubicon X$54,895$58,895$69,085
Rubicon 392$87,595

Wranglers have been a major profit center for quite some time, but now that production has caught up with demand and the Ford Bronco has provided the first real competition in decades, some industry observers are wondering what the strategy is.

Now it appears that Jeep is offering rebates up to $4,750 on four-door Wranglers, up to $3,000 on Gladiators, and up to $1,000 on two-door Wranglers. This leads to the question of why the 2024 pricing was not dropped, since rebates do affect resale values and therefore make leasing less affordable.

The 2024 Wranglers are not far apart in price from the 2023 models and are largely better outfitted, though full time four wheel drive seems to be off the list. Options are quite expensive compared with other FCA US vehicles, and most buyers get a hardtop which is optional even on relatively costly models. The chief Wrangler competitor, the Ford Bronco, does have similar option pricing—indeed, Ford charges $1,895 for a hardtop. However, Ford is not the only competitor; Volkswagen has announced that it will bring back American marque Scout, a model previous made by International Harvester, as a Wrangler competitor.

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