New comment system at Stellpower

Stellpower has moved to a new comment system which has greater security and more features. This system, emote, is shared by numerous other sites, so you can use one login for many sites (similar to our past Disqus setup, which we dropped due to performance issues).

If nobody else has commented on a story yet (a situation which has become unfortunately common since we switched over without notice), you will see a blank blue field. If you click in the field, the system will ask for an email address, which is kept between you, Emote, and Stellpower—it’s not public.

The next step is to click on “Enter your email address” at which point you should see this:

At that point click on the “Don’t have an account?” text near the bottom, in bold blue type. That will ask for your email address, real name or Internet handle, and a password. Once you sign up you can immediately start commenting.

The system lets you use the Markdown text formatting system, and provides an easy way to add notifications. When your comment has been added (sometimes with a delay for approval), it’ll show up right at the end of the story so others can share in your wit and wisdom. Your login here at stellpower will also work at other emote equipped sites, and if you’re already started using emote elsewhere, your login will work here.

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