Ram makes bid for a greater European presence

Ram has slowly but surely been working on global sales since its birth as a separate marque. Most recently, Stellantis used a motocross race in Germany, the MXGP, to publicize the Ram line and unveil the Ram 3.6 liter V6 eight-speed mild hybrid powertrain in Europe—a powertrain already the default choice in North America.

Ram hybrid at motocross race

Ram actually announced the powertrain on June 7, with 305 hp and 365 Nm of torque; it is available in the Ram 1500 Big Horn, Laramie, and Rebel in Europe. The system has a 430 watt-hour battery pack with 48-volt current during launch and gear shifts, with a 3kW DC to DC converter so it uses a 12-volt starter motor.

Ram sponsored the German MXGP (Motocross Grand Prix), showing off at opposite ends of the spectrum its new-to-Europe Pentastar hybrid system and the Ram TRX Havoc. Ram is also sponsoring the KTM Factory Racing team.

Ram has also been making inroads in Australia with its big pickups. While large pickup trucks are a major force in U.S. and Canadian sales, they play a much lesser role in sales in most other countries due to fuel costs, smaller roads, and other issues.

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