One More Dodge Last Call Teaser Debuts, Hints at Speeds Over 140

We thought that the teasers for the final Dodge Last Call special edition car were finished, but this afternoon, another video featuring the evil Leprechaun debuted on the brand’s YouTube channel. This one is titled “Trip Wire” and it includes another numeric teaser that is not very hard to decipher.

Dodge Last Call Teaser

The video begins with a helicopter flying over the Las Vegas Strip and as the camera view moves inside of the chopper, we see the evil leprechaun from the other videos. He surveys the landscape for a second before jumping out out of the helicopter.

Dodge Last Call Teaser

As he falls, he checks the speed on his watch, which climbs to 140 and stops. This seems to annoy him, so he tightens up his body and as he becomes more aerodynamic, the speed on his watch begins to accelerate so quickly that the readout is too blurry to read.

Dodge Last Call Teaser

Once again, I know what the information in this teaser means, so I cannot extrapolate any information for you, but this is another numeric hint that shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. You can watch the video below and tell us in the comments below what you think this clue might mean.

As a reminder, this final special edition Dodge vehicle will debut on Monday the 20th around 9pm EST and the information will be posted here on Stellpower as soon as we are legally allowed to share it.


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