Recall Monday slams Ford; Rivian takes another hit

Recall Monday brought more Ford recalls than usual. Their issues include:

  • Rupturing brake hoses (2013-2018 Ford Fusion/Lincoln MKZ)
  • Steering wheel lockup while driving (2022-23 Bronco)
  • Failing wipers (2021 F-150)
  • Rear caliper bolts (2022 F-53 and F-59)
  • Rear cameras (2021-22 Bronco)
  • Trailer lights not working (2023 Maverick)

2022 Ford Bronco Raptor

Rivian had a single recall on the 2022-23 R1S for improperly secured side curtain airbags. Rivian’s been delivering a decent volume of vans to Amazon, but its retail customers are still facing long, long waiting times.

Other retail-auto recalls were issued by Bentley (seat airbag tears) and Honda (non-latching seat belts on numerous 2017-20 models). That said, last week was clearly Ford’s time to not shine in the recall world.


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