Recall Monday: BMW chimes, STLA quiet

Stellantis had no entries in this past week’s recall list, though a massive investigation last week may come back to haunt them. In the meantime, recalls ran the gamut from engine failures in the 2024 Volkswagen Atlas to BMWs which stay silent rather than chiming when the driver fails to attach their seat belts—a problem which affects just 144 cars, from model years 2019-2022, in the 228i, 330i, 430i, M340i, and M440i ranges.

In other news, 2021-23 Hyundai Elantra HEVs may have sudden acceleration due to a software glitch, and 2023 Honda Accord and CR-V hybrids may stall out. It was a quiet week for recalls, with GM, Ford, and Toyota all joining Stellantis in their absence.


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