Recall Monday: steering columns, VinFast’s first recall, Bronco belts

Two companies coincidentally reported steering column issues. Ford recalled 2023 Ford F-250 through F450 trucks for loose or missing bolts, while Jeep recalled 2021-23 Grand Cherokees due to incorrectly made ThyssenKrupp steering columns. The problem can cause drivers to lose control.

2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Reserve

In other news, Fox Factory recalled its 2021-23 modifications to GM, Ford, Ram, and Jeep pickups due to corrosion on remote-control circuit boards. VinFast, the Vietnamese automaker trying to make a name for itself with subscription-based EVs, had its first recall, for blank telematics screens. Ford recalled 2021-23 Broncos because the seat belt latch is difficult to reach. Mercedes had to recall its 2022 EQS and 2023 S-series to fix stability control software errors; and Nissan had to recall the 2023 Leaf due to corrosion in the brake lines.

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