Recall Monday tags Mopars, Minis, more

Recall Monday—the day when NHTSA releases its list of recalls from the prior week—shows two Mopar recalls, one of which we have already covered (electrical shorts in 2014-16 Jeep Cherokees resulting in a “park outside” warning) due to its urgency. The second Stellantis recall for the week is almost trivial, a missing airbag warning label on 2022-23 Grand Cherokees. The fix for this one is adding a label, which cannot be done via over-the-air updates.

2015 jeep cherokee

BMW’s Mini made the list with possible short-circuits in the footwell control module, affecting 2007-13 Mini Cooper, Cooper S, and JCW, and 2008-14 Cooper Clubman.

GM had an issue with child seat anchors which might not function on the 2020-23 Equinox and Terrain. both Ford and Mitsubishi had issues with the rear view camera image failing to show up—2020-23 Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator; 2020-22 Lincoln Corsair; 2022-23 Mitsubishi Outlander including 2023 PHEV. Finally, Porsche built 2020-22 Taycans with incorrect brake pad wear indicators.

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