Refreshed 2024 Wrangler JL on the way?

Someone claiming to be a salesman is claiming that a Jeep Wrangler refresh is coming soon.  The basic design is the same, but the 2024 Wrangler is rumored to offer power seats, ventilated seats, new gauge cluster and UConnect with a larger 10-inch touch-screen. (2024 Jeeps are not shown below.) The 392 is to continue, with improvements.

High Tide Jeep Wranglers

As one may expect with all this, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will also join the list. Surprisingly, a new digital instrument cluster is expected—hopefully well waterproofed.

Jeep has already discussed a forthcoming electric Wrangler, aside from the forthcoming Jeep Recon.

This story is unconfirmed; a Jeep rep said merely that they do not comment on future product. Note—this story has now been confirmed and extended.

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