The Latest Dodge Last Call Teaser Shows 2538 PSI

Dodge has introduced the fourth (and possibly final) teaser of the final Last Call special edition muscle car that will debut next Monday in Las Vegas. This one is titled “HEMI Vice”.

Dodge Last Call Teaser

This is the fifth video in the Dodge series, but the fourth actual teaser for the last of the modern Mopar muscle cars and once again, we are looking at a leprechaun, yellow liquid and a number.

Dodge Last Call Teaser

The video begins with a look at a bunch of orbs of liquid. As the camera pans out, we see the evil leprechaun from the first few Dodge teaser videos working with a jackhammer. The view swings to the underside of the jackhammer, at which point we can see that it is powered by a V8 engine (without a cylinder head, but we get the point). The view then switches to overhead of the leprechaun, at which point we can clearly see a digital readout with “2538 PSI” on display.

Dodge Last Call Teaser

In this case, we know what this means, but we are under embargo until all of the information drops on Monday night in Las Vegas. We will be covering the event live, with all of the key information posted here the second that we are allowed to share it.

What do you think that this means? Tell us in the comments below.

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