Return of the rebates

Dodge has returned to having thousands of dollars of rebates onto its cars after a years-long run of being able to sell at or over list price. The rebates do not apply to certain vehicles; at least one dealer is trying to make roughly the same profit on Dodge Demon 170s as the retail value of the car.

Dodge rebates

In fairness to Dodge, the rebates only apply 2023 models; and list prices have gone up as well. Jeep has resorted to “employee pricing for all” and other measures to clear out expanding inventories of once-wait-listed vehicles.

The rebates were announced to some people through email as “up to $1,000 on select Dodge models” along with material on the Dodge Hornet, which does not seem to have a rebate yet. Those returning with a leased car can pick up the Hornet for $319 on the 2024 Hornet R/T.  The highest rebate appears to be on the Dodge Durango, which is scheduled to continue almost unchanged into 2024 before switching to optional Hurricane-engine power in the 2025s. The 2023 Durango carries a $3,250 rebate, with nothing sitting on the hoods of 2024s so far.

Other automakers are also being affected. Mazda raised prices by thousands of dollars; they are now advertising no payments for 90 days when using their in-house financiers with $500 rebates. Toyota, which did not raise prices substantially, still has waiting lists for some vehicles, while Hyundai and Kia are a mixed bag, with some dealers still adding thousands to the price but the company itself providing lease deals and thousands in rebates; for example, the Sonata carries a $1,250 rebate.

Rebates and other deals vary by region, these are for the New York metropolitan area.

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