Recall Monday dominated by Mercedes, with windows falling out

Mercedes is dominating the week’s recalls—and Stellantis is absent from it. The main issue is a missing brake inspection gauge on a variety of 2019-21 Mercedes models, along with a sunroof that may close unexpectedly in the 2020 GLS580.

recalls (generated for Mercedes windows falling out)

Finally, finishing a rough recall week for the Germany maker, the 2024 GLC300 may have windows come out because they weren’t installed properly—the front, rear, and fixed side windows are all possible candidates for flying or falling off. To top it off, if the driver is distracted by having the windshield come off and crashes, the front airbags may not be supported by the windshield when they deploy—which makes sense. This recall only affects seven actual vehicles, so it’s not quite so bad as it sounds—though the company said owners will get letters in January.

Honda has a somewhat more serious recall on the 2023-24 Pilot, which can lead to loss of steering control. Finally, Tesla has the wrong driver’s side airbags in 2021-23 Models X and S.

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