Tesla, Toyota flood dealers with recalls; STLA skips for third week

Recall Monday has arrived, for a third consecutive week free of Stellantis recalls. Tesla and Toyota led in number of recalls; for the first half of the year, according to the NHTSA, Ford was by far the biggest recall issuer.

Recalls graphic

Tesla recalled the 2021-23 X and S because the seat belt may come off the pre-tensioner anchor, which could be a problem; in addition, the Y, X, and S all had misaligned front cameras, a major issue given that Elon Musk ordered the company’s “full self-driving” systems to use only cameras, not radar.

At Toyota, the 2023 Corolla series, Highlander series, Lexus RX series, and Tacoma, along with 2023-24 NX series, all had recalls for non-deploying driver’s-side airbags. Gulf States 2023 Toyota RAV4s may have damaged valve stems, as well.

Overa at Mazda, the rear view image may not display properly on the 2016-21 CX-3 and the 2014-18 3. The 2018-23 Nissan Leaf may have unintended acceleration, while the 2021 Nissan Versa and Kicks may lose power steering.

Finally, 2023 BMW 7-series cars, including i7, had interaction bar malfunctions; 2019 Jaguar XEs may not have rear-view camera images; and 2019-2020 McLaren 600LTs can have a coolant leak which can cause a fire.

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