Truck rams Mopar dealership

A tractor-trailer truck rammed into a car dealership in Tooele, Utah last week, causing a fire at the Mopar/Ford dealership.

Truck rams dealership (crash)

The crash occured last Friday and, according to the local TV station, KMVT, injured 11 people, damaged 27 vehicles, and left visible damage to the dealership building One person had to be airlifted to the hospital.

The station did not say anything about the status of the driver of the truck, which was hauling gravel on Main Street when it crashed. The TV station’s story didn’t mention the cause of the crash; competing station KSL said the truck had lost its brakes and hit other vehicles, diverting it into the dealership off Main Street. The truck mainly, and perhaps suitably, hit the Ram portion of the dealership building, missing the Ford section. By striking the corner of the entrance, which stuck out, it apparently missed going through a window and possibly injuring more people.

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