Will Ram HD keep Hemis? and will there be a 2024 Ram 1500 Classic?

As time goes on, some have noticed that the Ram 1500 Classic only shows up as a 2023 model in the RamTrucks.com Build & Price section. However, a bit of quick detective work shows that the 2024 Ram 1500 Classic is indeed on the site, just not in Build & Price yet. That is one mystery solved, but then there’s another question that keeps popping up—what happens to the Ram 2500, 3500, and chassis cabs after the 2024 model-year? And will the first-year 2025 Ram 1500 have Hemi V8s after all ?

2024 Ram 1500 Classic

First, the Motor Trend pricing report and various rumor sites claim that Hemi V8s will still be in the 2025 Ram 1500—at least for the ones built during early 2024. However, early reports have often been corrected later, and the company’s own preliminary materials are subject to change. It might be that the Hemi will stay in the Ram 1500, or that it will be called on to serve in early 2025 Ram 1500s until Hurricane production ramps up further. The company will almost certainly need to add at least one more assembly line as time goes on.

As for the Ram Heavy Duty series, they may well keep the 6.4 liter “truck Hemi” after the SRT version and the 5.7 are both history. Heavy duty pickups are graded differently in fuel economy and emissions, making it possible for the Hemi to keep meeting regulatory standards after Ram 1500 has had to move on.

cummins propane-diesel-hydrogen engines

Perhaps equally likely is the appearance of a special heavy duty truck inline six-cylinder, perhaps stroked for extra torque and detuned for extra lifespan, or otherwise modified for durability. This could end up at, say, 3.3 or 3.6 liters, or even at a historically repetitive 225 or 250 cubic inches (just as the SRT Hemi was 392 cubic inches). In the long term, e.g. around 2030-2035, it’s likely that hydrogen will take over, perhaps with a choice of fuel cells and with Cummins B-engines. By 2030, one would expect hydrogen power to at least be optional.

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