Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock window sticker

Did you wonder how much a Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock might cost you? Fast Eddie provided this window sticker to give you an idea. First, let’s look at the fuel economy cost… which is fairly steep, as you might expect from a car with this level of performance. 21 mpg highway really isn’t too bad, all things considered. In 1970, a car with far less power (and far less ability to put it to the ground) would have single-digit mileage.

Dodge Challenger Super Stock

But what about the price? It’s steep, but again, this is supercar territory—and you really can argue that, like the original Viper, the Challenger Super Stock is a bargain, even if it costs as much as your house. Note that the base price ($59,245) is not for a Super Stock, it’s for the base Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. The Super Stock package is listed as costing $20,600 more, bringing the price up to $79,845 plus $2,100 for gas guzzling and $1,495 for actually delivering it to your dealership. State sales taxes and registration fees are extra, and check with your insurance company before ordering!

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