Layoffs are coming before big plant investments

Stellantis is investing billions of dollars into its two Ontario assembly plants, Windsor and Brampton, but first there will be a workforce reduction to increase efficiency.

Brampton - final Dodge Demon

According to AM 800, the company is starting with retirement packages for eligible workers in both plants, with a two-week decision period. After that, the company will announce layoffs. The company told AM 800 that it will try to place laid-off employees into open positions, based on seniority.

At Windsor, which only makes minivans, leaders have told the union to expect two shifts until the end of the year; the rumor mill believes they will go down to one shift in late winter (2023), though this is certainly subject to change—e.g. increased minivan demand and parts availability. However, the current retirement package is unrelated to any potential shift reductions.

Both plants will also be down for months for renovations and changeover to new models.

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