Layoffs are coming before big plant investments

Stellantis is investing billions of dollars into its two Ontario assembly plants, Windsor and Brampton, but first there will be a workforce reduction to increase efficiency.

Brampton - final Dodge Demon

According to AM 800, the company is starting with retirement packages for eligible workers in both plants, with a two-week decision period. After that, the company will announce layoffs. The company told AM 800 that it will try to place laid-off employees into open positions, based on seniority.

At Windsor, which only makes minivans, leaders have told the union to expect two shifts until the end of the year; the rumor mill believes they will go down to one shift in late winter (2023), though this is certainly subject to change—e.g. increased minivan demand and parts availability. However, the current retirement package is unrelated to any potential shift reductions.

Both plants will also be down for months for renovations and changeover to new models.

6 thoughts on “Layoffs are coming before big plant investments”

  1. It’s happening at many FCA plants in the US. They’re laying workers off, then increasing the workload on the ones that remain. This merger is taking a toll on the workers. Tavares’ attitude toward workers sucks. The UAW better grow a pair going into this next contract… there’s been very little pushback from what I see. I can see a strike in the horizon if Tavares wants to screw the workers…like he’s known for in Europe!

  2. I have no idea how they can cut anymore jobs in Brampton if the huge demand for the product continues through the ’23 model year. The plant has already been cut to the bone with assemblers loaded with all the work they can possibly do now. I’d love to see one of these axe wielding executives put in just one full 6 day workweek on the line to see if they could possibly keep up, I’m betting they wouldn’t make it to first break on the first day. They want to “right size” the workforce, they should add people not take away.

    • Ya and it really shows in quality! The yard is so full of repairs now we are working extra overtime every day and sundays at double time to try and catch up to all the unnecessary repairs do to lack of repair jobs on the line like we used to have. Great job you penny pinchers, it will bite this company in the ass and make lots of unhappy customers. WTF don’t they get in their comfy chairs in their air conditioned offices?

  3. Just my opinion, but this seems to be further evidence of the continuing death spiral that started with (before even) Fiat.

  4. And our beloved Chrysler Corp[ continues its death spiral that started years ago only to have been speeded up by Fiat.

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