Merging the Fratzonic exhaust with the Hellcat supercharger

When Dodge showed—or, rather, sounded—its Fratzonic exhaust system in the Dodge Charger EV, many on social media and in car forums scorned the very idea. Some of that was likely a knee-jerk reaction to electric cars, but some suggested that it was too artificial.

EVs do need to make some kind of sound, for safety reasons; Dodge (and others) are trying to make cool EV sounds for their performance vehicles, partly because of that. So far none have resorted to fake V8 noises, though they easily could—at least one manufacturer pipes in fake noises for its gasoline engines, after all.

Dodge Charger Daytona

Dodge touts the Banshee as being as loud as a Hellcat, but what one thing do people listen for in the Hellcat? The supercharger. Electric cars don’t need a huge belt-driven air compressor for power boosts, but they do need cooling. What if Dodge were to design a supercharger-like fan to keep their motors and batteries cool? That is, what about tuning the natural sound of a cooling fan to substitute for the supercharger whine of the most powerful mass-production car engine ever made?

In short, one could have a cooling system with front mount heat exchangers and an air pump that has the same kind of sound as a Roots-style supercharger. Seeing that battery thermal management systems are a thing, why not make it cool? I

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