Recall Monday hits Ram, Jeep

The NHTSA announced three new Ram and Jeep recalls today. None have caused crashes to date, but all have the potential to do so. The numbers reported below are all for United States sales only, but recalls are generally global.

Recall 22V407 affects around 120,000 Ram 1500 and 2500 pickups and Ram 3500 chassis cabs (GVWR under 10,000 lb), all from the current (2022) model year; the rear view camera may not work due to software issues. The fix is having the dealer reprogram the radio.

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Recall 22V426 is more serious, affecting over a quarter million Jeep Grand Cherokees and Dodge Durangos in the USA alone; an ABS problem may light up the brake lights and disable the Park brake lock (so the SUVs can be shifted out of Park without the driver touching the brake pedal). This affects 2018-19 models made from June 10, 2018 through April 30, 2019, and is caused by a bad hydraulic control system that incorrectly reads pressure in the primary circuit. The recall affects 211,934 Jeeps and 58,970 Dodges. There is no indication of problems to the owner, except that the brake light in the gauge cluster might go on, and the brake lights might stay on after parking. The module itself was supplied by ZF. The company has had 216 warranty claims, but is unaware of any accidents related to the issue.

Finally, Jeep Grand Cherokees and Ram 1500s with the VM diesel engine (model years 2014-2020 for Jeep, 2014-19 for Ram) can suddenly shut down due to debris in the fuel system caused by a pump failure. Recall 22V406 affects around 140,000 vehicles, of which around 30,000 were Grand Cherokees. The pump was supplied by Bosch; there have been 1,061 warranty claims for this problem, but no reported accidents.

All automakers issue periodic recalls, with quite a few high-profile recalls announced so far this year. NHTSA’s list for today included Ford, Lamborghini, Mack, Kenworth, Elgin (sweepers), PACCAR, and Peterbilt as well as Jeep and Ram. Ford recently had to recall nearly 3 million vehicles, as well. Normally Stellpower only reports on Stellantis recalls from the United States and Canada.

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