Did Jeep over-produce for the strike?

Jeep has restored Employee Pricing For All, a campaign similar to giving 15% off list price, on the Gladiator Sport, Willys, Overland, and High Altitude; the Mojave and Rubicon are selling at 6% off.

In addition, while Employee Pricing For All is no longer available on the Grand Cherokee, Jeep is advertising 10% off list price and no monthly payments for 90 days (excluding the Laredo and 4xe).

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Sales increased across the industry in November 2023, compared with November 2022, but Jeep, Dodge, Ram, and Chrysler inventories were all excessively swollen according to the last third-party survey. Other manufacturers have also increased their discounts and rebates, but not to this extent (aside from Tesla, which slashed list prices by thousands of dollars).

The discounting bodes ill for 2023 sales and profitability; FCA US has been a major profit generator for Stellantis. However, a full range of new cars is coming in late 2024 and throughout 2025, as STLA Medium and Large are both starting production; and the 2025 Ram 1500 series may reinvigorate light pickup sales. The Wrangler and Gladiator are not due for new models for a few years but were refreshed for 2024, and some discounting may be needed to get the 2023s off dealer lots. With new competition from the Ford Bronco and soon Volkswagen’s Scout (engineered by Magna), Jeep may find it needs to cut Wrangler and Gladiator prices rather than going from sale to sale, though.

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