Dodge Ghoul turns out to be real, but not what you thought

The Dodge Ghoul has been discussed for a year, and some still believe that the Dodge Demon 170 fulfills its destiny. However, a Dodge Ghoul is indeed on the way, sitting on the next-generation Challenger/Charger platform.

Dodge Charger SRT Daytona EV Concept

The new car, on the LB Challenger platform, will be powered by the Hurricane twin-turbo inline six, but with a difference: it will have all the Demon 170’s technology, boosting output to 840 hp, the same as the original Demon on race fuel (when supplied with E85 fuel).

There are still rumors of a hybrid Hurricane for the future Dodge Challenger SRT Ghoul, boasting Twin-H Power (Hybrid Hurricane) and breaking the record set by the current Demon 170.

Happy April Fool’s Day. (None of this story is real.)

2 thoughts on “Dodge Ghoul turns out to be real, but not what you thought”

  1. Interestingly enough, some of this April Fools day joke article may hold some actual facts. Another site did an article (maybe a week ago) stating that the Hurricane-6 may actually get some of the fuel tuning tech that has been introduced with the CD170 (Challenger Demon 170). It is also no secret that the Hurricane-6 will be mated to the next-gen 8-speed which has been reported to have been upgraded to support hybrid Technology. While 840hp might be a bit of a stretch, a hybrid Hurricane-6 HO could easily eclipse the 630hp mark without the fuel-tuning technology. The Hurricane-6 Cat-3 crate engine is reported to be around 550hp/530tq and the HurriCrate Cat-X is reported to be targeting the 1000hp mark. I’m not good at all the crazy calculations these kinds of things would make the next gen Mopar performance vehicles alot like what we already have now with the Scat packs and Hellcats.
    What I’m truly curious about now is this new Dodge Stealth Crossover thing that is rumored to be coming. being that the Chrysler Airflow is considered a “Crossover”, and the Stealth is said to be more aerodynamic than the Durango it replaces, could it be something more like the Airflow with styling inspired by the Hornet and Charger and maybe even the Wagoneer S concept? Something like that with a crazy Hurricane-6 AWD powertrain on the STLA large platform would make for a hell of a vehicle, especially with a few direct connection upgrades. Now that would be a nice vehicle to fill the niche of both the Charger and Durango, especially if the Durango is going full size and the Charger that we know is going away.

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