Dodge Ghoul turns out to be real, but not what you thought

The Dodge Ghoul has been discussed for a year, and some still believe that the Dodge Demon 170 fulfills its destiny. However, a Dodge Ghoul is indeed on the way, sitting on the next-generation Challenger/Charger platform.

Dodge Charger SRT Daytona EV Concept

The new car, on the LB Challenger platform, will be powered by the Hurricane twin-turbo inline six, but with a difference: it will have all the Demon 170’s technology, boosting output to 840 hp, the same as the original Demon on race fuel (when supplied with E85 fuel).

There are still rumors of a hybrid Hurricane for the future Dodge Challenger SRT Ghoul, boasting Twin-H Power (Hybrid Hurricane) and breaking the record set by the current Demon 170.

Happy April Fool’s Day. (None of this story is real.)

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