Durango getting twin-turbo six engines, stay of execution; and Hurricane Hybrid confirmed?

Dodge has released a statement to fleet buyers that the 2025 Durango will have the new Hurricane twin-turbo straight-six as an option; it produces more power than the equivalent Hemi, using the same grade of fuel, but uses around 10% less fuel (in the Wagoneer). It appears that the Durango will be sold with either the 400+ hp or the 500+ hp version.

2022 Dodge Durango police pursuit car (squad)

For the first time, as well, Dodge announced that the Hurricane Twin turbo straight six was engineered with a future hybrid option in mind. In addition, this file makes it clear that the Durango is safe for production through to the 2025 model year, which is a surprise to many observers.

In police news there will not be a 2024 Charger Pursuit; the 2023 Charger Pursuit will end production in December. Orders are, depending on which bullet point you read, still open or closed as of mid-July.  The 2024 Durango Pursuit does not have the Hurricane option; it’s a “complete carryover from [the 2023 model year].” The engine options remain V6 AWD and Hemi AWD.  The 2024 Durangos are to start production in November. Finally, there is no 2024 Ram 1500 Special Service Vehicle planned.

These announcements came through StellantisFleet via AHBguru.


2 thoughts on “Durango getting twin-turbo six engines, stay of execution; and Hurricane Hybrid confirmed?”

  1. Our municipality has a fleet of AWD Charger Pursuits. The cops seem to really like them, and they all think they’re V8 powered, but a trained ear can tell they’re equipped with Pentastar V6s. I had a ride along in one a few weeks ago and it performed really well at high speeds, although it apparently uses up front tires quickly. I hope Stellantis gives Police departments an equivalent product to go to when the current squads are worn out. It took them quite awhile to earn this business, and discontinuing the product without a clear successor is a mistake.

  2. This is actually amazing news. Not only to hear that the Durango is going to carry on but that we’re finally getting smaller vehicles with the Hurricane-6 powertrain. What is also catching my attention is that the new engines can be put in the current model vehicles which may be a hint to some future engine swap setups that could be coming from Direct Connection. What I am curious about though is what tweaks the 2025 Durango will have and will it be on the STLA Large platform? The other part that struck my interest was the hybrid part. We know the 2.0L Hurricane powertrain will fit in this vehicle but will this be the only one or will we finally see the introduction of the 3.0L Hurricane Hybrid engines come into play with the next-gen Durango? That could truly mean insane levels of horsepower and torque and could bring about the true nature of electrification in the upcoming performance vehicles.

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