Recall Monday: four different Jeeps, Isuzu Chevys, and more

Four different Jeeps had recalls this past week, along with the usual gathering of competitors. The most interesting competitor recall was probably a range of 2023-24 Isuzu N-Series, along with “Isuzu Chevrolet” LCF models.

wrangler breakover

Over at Jeep, just 16 2023 Wranglers were affected by incorrect spare tire carriers which blocked the third brake lights. These were all made from February 9 to February 14. Unsurprisingly the fix is to replace the spare tire carrier.

More seriously, around 200,000 2022-23 Jeep Compasses had to be recalled because the instrument panel brightness can’t be adjusted. This would seem to have been an obvious problem causing customer complaints and showing up in testing, but the company managed to make two model years with the problem, apparently caused by incorrect software. The fix is a software upgrade, performed by dealers.

Finally, nearly the same number of big Jeeps are being recalled because the rear view image may not show up when reversing. This too requires a software update. The specific vehicles being recalled are:

  • 2021-23 Grand Cherokee
  • 2022-24 Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer

In a related note the 2023 Maserati MC20 Cielo is being recalled because a frame mounting stud may be missing sealant.

Over at Ford, the 2023 F-250, F-350, and F-450 are being recalled because the wrong rear view camera image may show up; and a variety of 2023 Mercedes are being recalled for a software error in the exit warning system. 2022-23 Toyota Tundras, including hybrids, can have fuel leaks from damaged tubes. 2022-23 Chevy Bolts may have improper airbag deployment. Other recalls cover 2023 Kia Sorentos (airbag warning labels falling off), 2020-22 Nissan Sentras (tie rod bending),

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