STLA provides “Pro One,” a vague outline of commercial-vehicle plans

Stellantis has six commercial vehicle brands with five vans, ten pickups, and one “micro mobility offer.” It plans to renew all of them, unveiling the series on October 23—including the new (2024?) Ram ProMaster EV and 2025 Ram 1500 REV, along with a new hydrogen fuel-cell solution for the future. (Past plans showed Ram Heavy Duty pickups running on hydrogen; and Cummins has a hydrogen version of their B-series diesel in the works, though this won’t use fuel cells).

STLA - Ram global trucks and vans launch (2023)

Among other promises are support for retrofitting gasoline and/or diesel vehicles with electric motors, via an aftermarket solution; and an “e-Power Take Off” technology for converters and upfitters. The company also intends for connectivity in software by the end of 2023, on all new vehicles, for upfitters and converters (this might mainly be information sharing on dimensions, specifications, APIs, electrical architectures, and so forth). The company will reveal more about its second-generation battery-electric vehicles and a “unique” hydrogen fuel cell solution.

Refitting gasoline or diesel vehicles with electric power is likely far more attractive in Europe, where fuel prices are far higher than in the oil-rich United States.

Globally, STLA is planning over 20,000 dedicated “touchpoints” and a Free2move Charge “complete charging ecosystem.”

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