Trenton’s history featured, as the union fights for its life

The fight over Chrysler’s Trenton Engine plant continues.

In the early 1950s, needing a vast number of V8 engines, Chrysler built the Trenton Engine Plant. Over time the plant made 426 Hemis, 383s, and such, along with enormous numbers of slant sixes; then they moved to four-cylinders and finally V6 engines. Today, they make V6 engines in the newer South building, while North was recently coverted to become a warehouse, with sections reportedly to be rented out to other businesses in the future.

Trenton Engine

A story in the Detroit Free Press, or Freep, pointed to a demonstration by union members at the Trenton Engine complex. The UAW has not neglected the fate of Trenton Engine, which is makes the newer version of the Pentastar V6 for Pacifica as well as an older version for the Charger, Challenger, Durango, 300, Ram DX (Mexico), and Ram 1500 Classic. Around 760 people still work there. The Pentastar will be needed at least for the 2014 model year, but the future is hazy after that, with the 2-liter four-cylinder impinging on its power range. The plant is almost certain to drop to a single shift.

Trenton Engine sign, 1966

Union members pointed to the high quality of the plant’s engines. A Stellantis rep commented to the Detroit Free Press that “Product allocation for our U.S. plants will depend on the outcome of these negotiations as well as a plant’s ability to meet specific performance metrics including improving quality, reducing absenteeism and addressing overall cost.”

Making a new line at Trenton Engine
Making a new line at Trenton Engine

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  1. The Durango has been got the updated Pentastar, you even reported on it. The Durango got the PUG when the last gen Grand Cherokee did. And what the hell is a Ram DX? Do you mean Ram DS? And we are way, way past 2014, so of course the Pentastar will have to be made past 2014. 300, Charger, Challenger, Ram DS, and Cherokee are currently the only 2023 first gen Pentastars. Pacifica/Pacifica Hybrid/Voyager/Grand Caravan, Durango, Ram DT, Promaster, Grand Cherokee/Grand Cherokee L, and Wrangler/Gladiator all have the updated Pentastar with VVT and LIFT. The first gen didn’t have the variable lift.

  2. These people protesting maybe should start thinking about who they vote for because all these radical leftist policies is why automakers are consolidating and closing plants. If everything has to have a modular engine with three to six cylinders all based on the same engine, of course plants are going to close. If fwd cars barely turn a profit and the plants in the U.S. want ridiculous amounts of money all while working 4 days a week, well then of course they are going to outsource overseas. Maybe these people should be marching on Washington telling them to reverse aggressive automotive emissions, fuel economy, and safety regulations. Maybe they should protest ridiculous amounts of technology and touch screens in cars so they will be affordable and people can buy them, then they will get a raise because people will buy cars more often. Everyone wants, without first giving.