Hydrogen cars took a hit this week

cummins propane-diesel-hydrogen engines

While truck stops continue to install hydrogen facilities for future fuel-cell and adapted-Cummins-diesel big rigs, regular hydrogen cars in the US were dealt a heavy blow as Shell stopped selling the gas in its California stations. Only seven stations were affected, but these are seven out of a mere 59 stations in the entire country.Ram … Read more

STLA continues hydrogen investment

hydrogen Ram truck (heavy duty)

Hydrogen power continues to attract investments by companies around the world; the latest announcement comes from Stellantis, which is able to make hydrogen fuel cell and electric vans with the same basic bodies. The new announcement comes in 2024, as Stellantis has predicted.Stellantis has started industrial scale production of hydrogen fuel cell vans for its … Read more

Stellantis building up hydrogen capacity with Symbio

hydrogen Ram truck (heavy duty)

Stellantis is keeping its bet on hydrogen even as it builds battery plants with a one-third stake in Symbio, a hydrogen fuel cell company. The other share holders are Faurecia and Michelin, each holding an equal portion.

Peugeot can build the same car with either battery-electric or hydrogen fuel-cell power sources. Symbio plans to start making 50,000 fuel cells per year by 2025 at its Saint Fons plant, which starts production in the second half of this year. Overall, Symbio plans to make 100,000 fuel cell systems per year by 2028, all in France, creating 1,000 jobs in the country.

Refilling the Cummins “hydrogen diesel” (possibly coming to Ram)

Some time ago, we posted a story on Stellantis’ hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). That is one path forward for areas where battery-electric vehicles aren’t practical, but it’s likely Ram heavy duty pickups will have another option: Cummins 6.7 liter B-type diesels hydrogen engines.Cummins, a pioneer in diesel engines (having run them at the Indy 500), helped … Read more

Cummins may power Ram’s hydrogen future

2020 Cummins logo

Last week, we posted a story on Stellantis’ hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), which are mainly being developed in Europe; but reader RustyDodge reminded us that heavy duty Rams have another path they can follow.Cummins, maker of Ram heavy duty pickups’ acclaimed diesel engines, has for years been working on hydrogen, natural gas, and electric power … Read more

Ram’s solution for electric heavy-duty trucks is under way

Battery-electric cars (BEVs) are in the works for most segments, but would they work for heavy duty trucks? Ram seems to think not; while a BEV Ram 1500 is coming, to join Rivian’s, Ford’s, and Chevrolet’s light-duty battery-electric pickups (in order of production), their EV Day presentation pointed to a different path for the Ram … Read more

BEV Jeep, Ram launches; “Dare Forward 2030” (Updated 10:06 am)

Ram BEV cutaway

Stellantis has released its Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan for the next eight years, with a commitment to reach carbon net-zero emissions by 2038. Carlos Tavares introduced the plan by saying “We are expanding our vision, breaking the limits and embracing a new mindset, one that seeks to transform all facets of mobility for the … Read more

GM to emergency-charge BEVs without diesel

BEV skateboard design for Chrysler Airflow

For years, Toyota has been talking about its plans to make hydrogen fuel-cell cars and, more recently, fuel-cell ships and commercial trucks (big rigs). General Motors has been working on similar lines, and recently announced a new “Hydrotec” line of hydrogen fuel cell products for a wide variety of purposes.The benefits of hydrogen are it … Read more