Direct Connection Sponsoring the MSHS Street Class for 2022

If you are reading this, you likely already know, but the Modern Street Hemi Shootout (MSHS) series is the premier racing organization for modern Mopar racers or classic vehicles powered by a late model Hemi. It is the biggest Mopar series with the fastest modern Mopar-powered race cars in the world (there is even a Demon-powered Ford Mustang), making it the most popular racing series for racers and fans alike.

2022 Modern Street Hemi Shootout

Dodge has shown the most commitment to the sport of drag racing over the past decade, both at the grassroots and professional levels. Aside from their success in the NHRA, the Dodge brand has offered a variety of modern quarter mile monsters from the factory and this year, the Direct Connection performance program is returning – providing owners with a way to add upwards of a hundred warranty-safe horsepower to their Challenger or Charger. So, what else could the company do to support grassroots drag racing? They could sponsor the most prominent all-Mopar racing series in the world and for 2022, that is exactly what they are doing.

For the 2022 Modern Street Hemi Shootout Series, Direct Connection is the official sponsor of the Street Class. So Dodge will sell you a Hemi-powered car and Direct Connection will both provide you with parts to go faster and support a racing series where you can go let your Mopar muscle car stretch its legs.

Direct Connection Street Class

The Direct Connection Street Class of the Modern Street Hemi Shootout Series is a 12.50 index class. This means that all of the vehicles in that class run heads-up, but they cannot run quicker than 12.50. If you run quicker than 12.50 in eliminations, you “break out” and lose, unless both vehicles break out, in which case the car that breaks out less, wins.

Direct Connection Modern Street Hemi Shootout

For example, let’s say that you are driving a 2018 Charger Scat Pack in the Direct Connection Street Class against a modified 2008 Magnum R/T. If the Magnum crosses the finish line first with a time of 12.44 while you run a 12.68, the other driver broke out and you win. Say that the Magnum runs a 12.44 and you run a 12.48. You both broke out, but since you were closer to the index time while breaking out, you would win. If both you and the Magnum driver run 12.50 or slower, whoever gets to the finish line first wins.

If you are completely new to index racing and you are wondering what happens if you run much quicker than 12.50, you simply move to the next-quicker class. In the case of the MSHS, that would be the Legmaker Intakes Super Stock Class, which runs on an 11.50 index. The series also has index classes for 8.50, 9.50 and 10.50, as well as the heads-up Heavyweight and Outlaw classes, and the dial-in-based Bracket Class, sponsored by East Coast Moparts. Of course, if you have a new Challenger Redeye with the Direct Connection Stage 2 kit, you would be too quick for the Street Class, but the 9.50 and 10.50 classes will be ideal for Hellcat and Redeye racers running Direct Connection stage kits.

MSHS Lapeer

In short, if you have a modern Hemi-based vehicle, whether it is a Dodge, Chrysler, Ram, Jeep or some non-affiliated brand with Hemi power, the Modern Street Hemi Shootout has a class for you. Click here for a look at the full 2022 season schedule to find the event closest to you. If you live within driving distance of Detroit, Hemi’Nsanity includes track time and the Woodward Dream Cruise.

Dodge in Grassroots Drag Racing

Over the past few years, Dodge and Mopar have shown more commitment to grassroots drag racing than any automaker ever. It started with the first Hellcat cars, giving enthusiasts the chance to buy a turnkey 10-second car with just a tire change.

Demon Launch

Next was the Demon, offering real world 9-second quarter mile capabilities and that was followed up by the Scat Pack 1320, which was the first drag racing-focused package for any modern performance car. The 1320 is still one of the quickest naturally aspirated cars in stock form on the market, running in the low 11s in stock form, but for those who want a strip-focused muscle car, the SRT Super Stock is the answer. It is officially marketed as being a low-10-second car, but with better tires and some seat time, they run 9s as well. Along the way, the Challenger Drag Pak has provided an option for Mopar racers who want to spend big money to go factory stock racing in the big leagues. The early models ran in the 8s and lately, they are the quickest in the FSS class, running well into the 7s.

The 2021 Dodge Challenger Mopar Drag Pak

Of course, most recently, Dodge announced that the Direct Connection program was returning, offering factory high performance parts for Challengers and Chargers that yield upwards of 100 extra warranty-safe horsepower. So the Dodge brand rolled out a bunch of 9-, 10- and 11-second street cars, a track-only car that runs 7s and a long list of high performance parts that add big power.

Hellraiser Pulley


When combined with the company’s sponsorship of the NHRA and the MSHS, the company is showing full support of the sport at the grassroots and professional level like no other automaker.

Here is a look at the full list of companies who help make the Modern Street Hemi Shootout a reality.

2022 MSHS Sponsors List

Series Presenting Sponsor
Pure Drivetrain Solutions

Title Sponsors
High Horse Performance & The Driveshaft Shop

Event Sponsors
Orlando – Legmaker Intakes
Virginia – Demon Performance
Rockingham – Sipple’s Speed and Performance
Topeka – AAD Performance
Detroit – ThiTek
Maryland –
Final Stand (Non-Points) – High Horse Performance

Class Sponsors
Bracket –
HEMI Outlaw – Holley & DiabloSport
8.50 – Stanley’s Performance
Heavyweight – ThiTek
9.50 – Holmberg Motorsports
10.00 – Sipple’s Speed and Performance
10.50 – Litens HellRaiser
11.50 – Legmaker Intakes
12.50 – Direct Connection
Rookie Class – TC2 Motorsports
Boost N Juice (Rock, Topeka & MIR) – Nitrous Outlet
Drag Pak (VMP & MIR) – Wesley Motorsports & Bilstein

Prize Sponsors
King of Kings – Barth Tuning
King of the Hill – Z Automotive
Best Reaction Time – Stage 6 Motorsports
Best ET – Allpar Garage
Best 60 Foot Award – AAD Performance
Best ET HEMI RAM – Moe’s Performance
Twin Win – Stell Sav
Party Sponsors – VanDrake Racing
Winners Circle Sponsor – TBA
Hard Luck Award – American Muscle Performance
Heavyweight Class Bonus Payout – Labworx Development

ZH Tunes
Cam Motion
Jokerz Performance
TG Motorsports
Hall | MileOne Autogroup
Anderson Composites
Whipple Superchargers
Moe’s Performance
Stanley’s Performance

Associate Sponsors
Hot Shot’s Secret
Satera Tuning
Allpar Garage
Professional Auto Collision
Gallegos Vinyl and Engraving
Karma Racing Products
Gearhead Fabrications
Orthopedic Spine Care Of Long Island
1320 Solutions
MS Racing Components
BFNY Performance
True Street Performance
Prestige Auto/Mopar Mike

Contingency Sponsors
Quick Time Performance
Per4Mance Development

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