First BEV Jeep: Cherokee or Renegade replacement?

While there are rumors of the Belvidere plant being switched to making BEVs and the Cherokee switching formats in late 2023, the first electric Jeep will be this Renegade-sized-and-styled mini-crossover.

Since the Renegade and Compass are Jeep’s big sellers in Europe, and Europe is moving all-electric long before the United States, doing a vehicle a bit smaller than the Renegade first makes sense—even though the Renegade itself was just facelifted.

first electric jeep

In the comments, Morgan De Culius pointed out that this A-segment Jeep will be made in Tychy, Poland, with similar Alfa Romeo and Fiat models (the Renegade and 500X are also very similar and made together); for the moment, they are only for European sale. He wrote that the dimensions are similar to the current Renegade, while a revised Renegade will be larger. (What happens to the Compass is an open question).

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BEV Jeep

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