2024 Charger sneak peek? (Updated)

During Stellantis’ electric car information day, faint line drawings of a Charger and a Ram were shown. We don’t know if these represent actual prototypes or CATIA diagrams, or just artists’ renditions; but if one takes the rear view of the Charger and connects some dots, artist YBNormyl suggests, one can come up with something that looks rather like a car.

To get the rendering below, YBNormyl connected the dots from the blue rendering and overlayed them onto the current Charger; he reported that the “body lines appeared to line up quite well. The rest was trying to picture the styling direction.” He also pointed out that rumors claim the 1999 Charger concept car had a major influence on the next Charger.

2024 Dodge Charger rendering

At this time, most of the future Charger speculation is just that—speculation. We are fairly sure an LB-bodied Challenger is in the works, scheduled to use the new turbo inline six engine; but little is known about the Charger. It’s possible that Dodge will pull a Ford and make two rather different Chargers and Challengers, a Charger SE and Challenger E BEV coming out of Belvidere, and a traditional Challenger, at least, coming out of Brampton or some other plant, at least for a few years—say, until 2028, or as long as demand is there. (It’s also possible that the Charger will go BEV and the Challenger will stay with gasoline, and so on.)

YBNormal added that the image is speculation, but:

it uses the basic lines that you can see in the original video and the existing styling direction. If you were to line up every charger model since 2005 there is a styling progression where you can see certain body lines get more pronounced over the years. GM designers, back when I was a kid, explained how the designs for the next body style influence the changes made in the interim to lead in the big change. I started with the rear because it was the easiest. I took an image of the current Charger at close to the same angle as the screen capture from the original video, then overlayed the capture onto the current image. With this image, after extending the body lines to the same points on the opposite side, I can stretch or expand the overlay (but not alter any individual section) to the size of the current image. In this case, the lines were proportionally the same as the current Charger. Now I take the styling direction they’ve had and add what they have said in interviews, that the new Charger will resemble the 1999 Charger concept, coupled with any rumors that seem somewhat likely, and connect the dots.

Dodge Charger BEV AWD Burnout

Just as a reminder, Stellantis proclaimed that the future STLA Large platform would support a range of up to 500 miles. The four future electric platforms are STLA Small (range up to 300 miles), STLA Medium (range up to 440 miles), STLA Large, and STLA Frame, which also has a 500 mile projected range. Three electric drive families are being developed for a variety of configurations including four, all, front, and rear wheel drive.

Dodge BEV Muscle Car

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