Ram lighting recall, loose Ford brakes, and other recalls

Recall Monday is here, with a Ram recall covering the full range of 2023-24 pickups and chassis cabs (except for the “DT” Ram 1500). The problem is a design flaw, where the high beams and turn signal may activate each other, and turn signals may not shut themselves off. At fault is a printed circuit board which might short-circuit or be out of specification.

Ram Rebel 2500 HD

The recall covers vehicles made between certain periods. It likely only involves a small selection of the Rams made, since it only runs to 23,030 Ram 1500 Classics . These are the ranges:

  • 23,030 Ram 1500 Classics made 9/19/22 through 6/2/23
  • 73,739 Ram 2500s made 6/21/22 through 6/21/23
  • 25,799 Ram 3500s made 6/21/22 through 6/21/23
  • 6,007 Ram 3500 Chassis Cabs (GVWR 10,000 lb +) made 6/28/22 through 6/21/23
  • 142 Ram 3500 Chassis Cabs (GVWR < 10,000 lb) made 12/7/22 through 6/29/23
  • 13,433 Ram 4500/5500 made 11/18/22 through 6/21/23

The Ram 1500 was unaffected other than the Classic models. The company learned of the possible malfunctions in May 2023, and analyzed failure patterns into October 2023.

Other automakers’ recalls

Ford had its own hefty recall on 2022 F-150s whose parking lights may flicker and 2022-23 F-150 Lightnings whose stability control may shut itself off. Mercedes recalled 2024 GLEs because braking may take more force than usual.

Porsche’s rear spoilers on the 718 Boxter and Cayman (2023-24) can obstruct the center brake lights; and Nissan sold 2022-24 Infiniti QX60s with incorrectly adjusted headlights. Finally, Freightliner/Mercedes Sprinters, 2021-23, may have windows and interior lash rails fall out.

In the most ironic recall of the month, Spartan Fire recalled a variety of fire trucks because overloaded electrical systems can cause fires.

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