Chrysler: selling one minivan, one sedan, and clothing

When Walter P. Chrysler proudly introduced the revolutionary Chrysler 80, he probably had no idea that his name would one day be attached to a skyscraper, air conditioning systems, railroad cars, and athletic leisure wear.

Chrysler clothing

The Athleisure Merchandise Collection was created in collaboration with Winnie Cheung, the chief designer of Stellantis’ advance studio.  It has hoodies, long-sleeve T-shirts, leggings, a zip-up jacket, and a canteen. Cheung took inspiration from her own life, and noted that the collection allowed people “to be chic, comfortable and effortless in their everyday lives.”

This is the third collaboration between the Stellantis licensing and merchandising team and the product design office, after merchandise for Dodge and Jeep® was inspired by FCA US designers.

Chrysler chief Chris Feuell said, “The Chrysler brand has always been about ingenious style and functionality with a focus on providing solutions to make things easier for our customers’ busy lifestyles. This special collaboration truly embodies what the brand represents with the ultimate goal of creating high quality and modern products that enable consumers to be comfortable while on the go, with practical sophistication.”

Chrysler brand Athleisure Merchandise Collection available now at

A reasonable number of new Chrysler cars may be available , or at least shown, at the end of 2024.

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