When will we know? STLA releases the dates

Three events are being planned to release new “electrified” cars, which may include both hybrids and battery-electrics.

future product releases

It is clear now that Dodge is bringing back the fratzog, at least for electric vehicles; it will have two previously announced releases in August. Sometime in September, there will be a new Jeep 4xe day showing off that PHEV system; and in November, we may or may not finally get a look at the new electric Ram 1500. (Ram may instead show a new ProMaster BEV following the European launch of the Ducato BEV.)

Currently missing from the list is Chrysler, but it seems unlikely that the product onslaught of the renovated Windsor, Brampton, and Belvidere plants, the first two of which have already been announced, will leave out that brand. All indications are that Chrysler will have a full product line—but the announcements are still a ways off.

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