Yes, they sold Patriots in 2021—and 200s, 500s, Vipers, and Town & Countrys

With buyers desperate for cars this past year, FCA US dealers seem to have successfully cleared out their remaining supplies of unpopular or long-discontinued cars, which might have been used as loaners or demonstrators, or for internal purposes.

2011 jeep patriot

The dead-but-sold cars include nine Jeep Patriots (only one was sold in 2020, but nine were sold in 2021); ten Chrysler 200s (versus just two last year); three Town & Countrys. versus none last year; no fewer than five Dodge Darts; and two Dodge Vipers.

Fiat dealers managed to clear out 33 500s, more than the twelve they sold in 2020. (The one Fiat officially on sale , the 500X, saw 201 U.S. sales over the full year).

The last Darts were 2016 models; the 200 was dropped earlier. The Town & Country was ended when the Pacifica started production. Patriots were dropped in 2017.

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