New York Auto Show ending soon—This is some of what you may miss

The New York Auto Show is closing soon; this is a quick overview of what you might miss if you’re not there, starting with the outdoors attractions—the Toyota Thrill Ride (professional drivers in a small paved area do make for some thrills) and Camp Jeep, also a thrill ride as you go up and down a steep, tall steel-surfaced roller coaster in your choice of Jeeps.

Camp Jeep 2023

camp jeep 2023

Toyota and Ford had the largest and most prominent displays, starting from the entrances and going deep into the show floor; Chevrolet took up most of the space Mopars had last year, with the Stellantis brands moving towards the center-rear space. Toyota used part of their generous space to host a sports area, with their USA Skateboarding partner.

Then there was Volkswagen’s rather clever video race, where drivers controlled miniature cars on a track out in the lobby.

Subaru brought back its National Parks exhibit…

Did we mention Chevrolet? Because they had some comfortable compact Volts with their refreshed interiors and the e-Volt, along with engine stands with cutaway engines—as far as I could tell, the only cutaway engines in the show this year. Sorry, folks, no Cadillac or Buick displays. Just Chevrolet!

Chevy Corvette E-Ray

And then there was Nissan with a hard-to-see-in-the-picture drift of snow drifting onto the car from the ceiling.

Mopar’s big exhibit was a Wagoneer display, behind which sat the Alfa Romeos, as befits their sales volume in North America. Wagoneer had a massive McIntosh display with speaker towers and listening chairs.

For more photos of the Mopars in the show, see:

Stellpower or Motales will have pictorials and summaries of the Dodge Charger Daytona and the Demon 170 later on.

You can still get tickets for the show at their web site.

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