Ram REV shown for real

The Ram 1500 REV, a battery-electric full-size pickup, was revealed for the first time today on a Super Bowl ad.

2024 Ram 1500 REV

At the same time, Ram started a contest to win one of 200 early-reservation codes, normally selling for $100. The contest is running in both the US and Canada, from the Ram web site. The early reservation slot also provides exclusive access to events and news.

Production Ram 1500 REV

Production will start next year. Actual details on the truck’s specifications and capacities, such as the range, towing capacity, payload, and 0-60 acceleration times, are not available yet.

The commercial is below the images.

2024 Ram REV - we know its appearance, not its payload!

Ram REV hood

14 thoughts on “Ram REV shown for real”

  1. Is it April Fools day today and I missed the memo?

    What do those images have to do with the Ram Revolution concept vehicle?

    Bait & switch.

  2. The production version makes sense in so many ways including the need for affordability and desirability. Concepts are just that as the lead up videos showed and told us. Some of those features could still show up on the inside.
    I think most Ram owners and enthusiasts would find the concept design too extreme as pickups and work trucks

  3. Well this is a welcome look instead of that stupid looking concept truck.

    I notice there’s no gas filler door visible so not sure how the range extender will be configured.

    Have they switched to aluminum for more body panels or is it still steel.

    Very good looking truck more inline with the F150.

    Much better than that useless humber from gm.

    Where the 6.4 Hemi news for the other 1500 still waiting to order one.

  4. This is Ram hedging its bets. Absent a complete retooling, this is much more economically feasible than the concept, and if it fails in the marketplace, it’s not going to take the company down with it.

  5. AS the cost of electric goes up, and the price of a gallon of gas drops, EV will not be that significant.

    • How far do you think gas prices will fall and for how long? Providing cleaner air is more important than preserving a century old technology. Renewable sourced electricity costs are dropping and becoming more dependable.

  6. I hope that something will be done about shortening the close in forward visibility since the smaller powerplant should allow a lower hood. Also, please bring back a smaller pickup for us suburbanites who do need to go to the lumberyard and junk, but don’t want a road tank to do so.

  7. Definitely a better look than the concept truck. I liked alot of the aspects of the concept truck but way too futuristic. Hope they do keep the usable features that the concept had

  8. As I look at the Ram REV 1500 series pickup truck, there are things I like and things about it that make me think. The truck is more evolutionary that revolutionary and I think that’s a good thing. It seems Ram is taking a page out of the same playbook Ford used with the lightning and similarly what GMC used with the Sierra EV. The Ram REV is definitely distinguishable from the gasoline powered Ram 1500 pickup, but it’s not as radical as the concept that it takes alot of styling cues from. While I did enjoy the flared coke bottle shape and cool spoiler the concept had (hopefully a performance street truck “Daytona” version will get some of those goodies) I appreciate the truck still being a Ram 1500 pickup. And while yes, I like many Americans worry alot about “Premature Electrification,” and having my EV diagnosed with Low-E (Energy), (Okay yes I absolutely love all of the cheesy Dodge commercials with one liners that rival any Arnold action movie), I feel like this truck is going to be a top tier electric pickup. With this truck being designed like a Ram truck, It does make me wonder what kind of packages will be offered with this pickup. Personally, I’d love to see the return of the street trucks such as the “Rumble Bee, the R/T, the Daytona and the SRT trucks as well as the Rebel, the TRX, the Laramie Longhorn, the Laramie Limited, the Big Horn, the Sport and others. Of course I’d love to see alot of those with the new Inline-6 twin turbo engines coming up but I think EVs deserve to be just as customizable, especially coming from the Ram brand. Would I love to see a Fratzonic system on the pickup truck as well? Absolutely!
    Another thing this makes me wonder about is the Charger for 2024. I wonder if Stellantis is going to do something similar with the actual Charger when it really gets revealed and it actually be something more useable. At that size, the car truly makes more sense as a 4-door coupe rather than an actual 2-door coupe. Those hub locking wheels are obviously concept only but I do truly wonder now how much different the actual Charger will be? The back seat area is going to change, we already know that and the car is going to be more “real.” Either way, I’m truly looking forward to the future of the brand

  9. I truly wonder if the range extender they refer to is actually a multi-speed gearbox. ZF is already working on multi-speed gearboxes for electric motors that are designed to improve performance and range. We currently see EVs that aren’t designed to pull loads make around the 300-mi range on a full charge. Understandably, that range is going to drop when pulling a load or being used for any kind of performance (quarter mile racing, drifting, etc.). In a sense, it’s a lot like having a car that just stays in 1st gear and never shifts to any other gear or goes into an overdrive gear or anything like that. ZF is already readying their 2-speed EV gearbox with plans to offer more speeds in the near future. Bosch is also working on a EV capable CVT unit which would greatly improve the range of EVs along with performance. I feel like the Bosch CVT4EV unit would be an amazing compliment to the new EV powertrains. Personally, I’ve typically never been one for CVT units, preferring more conventional gearboxes with gasoline engines, but for an EV it makes sense. If multiple gear ratios can improve range and a CVT has several different ratios with smooth transitions then a marriage between the two units would be ideal. While range may be all important for the people who use their vehicle for towing campers and all of that, on the performance side, the CVT4EV unit provided a +13% improvement from 80-120Km/h, a higher top speed and improved hill climb performance as sited on the Bosch Mobility Solutions website https://www.bosch-mobility-solutions.com/en/solutions/transmission-technology/transmission-cvt4ev/
    Now with that being said, the issues with CVT transmission are the fact that they are limited to the amount of torque they can withstand. The Lineartronic CVT used by Subaru seems to do fairly well in their performance vehicles but I’m not sure what measures would need to be taken for a CVT transmission to perform in some of the vehicles that Stellantis is preparing to bring out. I’m sure the brand will do their homework on the matter but the point is, the unit would help to improve the mileage range of the EV. Of course, me being me, I can’t view any of this without bringing up the performance aspect. With the 440Kw Charger and it’s stage kits putting it on par horsepower wise with a Tesla Model S (non-plaid), a CVT unit attached to this should give it an advantage in acceleration along with a “Sport mode” which could give it a much more engaging character and change up the driving dynamics altogether. In the case of the 800v “Banshee” versions, these cars might just offer the best of all four worlds, power, acceleration, range and charging times. in the case of the 800v trucks, acceleration would be replaced by towing capability.
    The EV world has alot of potential but the deck is truly stacked against it. There are alot of justifiable reservations about the new EVs and it doesn’t just come from the issues of range, towing performance, the sounds it makes or even the charging time. System hacking, autonomy failures, cost of repairs and several other issues really drive up the reasons why EVs aren’t as popular as they could be. Another thing is that it cuts the average DIY customer out of the picture along with alot of the hot rodders and enthusiasts because it truly limits customization and “personalized ownership” of having vehicles like these. A lot of people who own Mopar vehicles are enthusiasts, that’s generally what the brand is about. From Muscle cars, to Wranglers to Ram trucks, the brand’s enthusiasts are all about making their Mopars their own. What can you do with an EV? There isn’t really an “aftermarket” for it. You can’t just go buy a cold air intake and an exhaust and slap it on an EV. Can you put a lift kit on an EV Wrangler or a Ram 1500 REV? The Stellantis Mopar umbrella needs to address all of these issues if they don’t want their EV endeavor to completely tank. I’ve read the comments on several articles including my own. People are watching both Ford and Dodge and talking about the “new” V8 that Ford just came out with. (which btw guys it isn’t new, it’s the same Coyote 5.0L V8 with a tune and a new intake. It’s the same 5.0L with a few more upgrades, nothing special, just an updated modular v8, just as boring as all the coyote engines that came before it and isn’t long for this world. It’s their last hurrah as well!) I understand that regardless of how new or not new it is or isn’t, the fact that it’s a v8 is enough to make people upset that Dodge is shifting gears and going in a slightly different direction. Change is not something that people always embrace, as inevitable as change always is. But not to get too far off track, if the Stellantis Mopar umbrella is to truly survive the switch, it’s not enough for them to just do things differently, personalization in every aspect needs to be addressed. Jailbreak packages, Direct Connection performance & suspension enhancements, factory backed aftermarket options, sound options, etc. To me, the Fratzonic sound chamber idea is a welcome feature on the car, even though I’ll be honest I DO NOT LIKE THAT SOUND! But that’s the thing, the exhaust sound of a car is something that is unique to it’s owner. That needs to be addressed. A performance exhaust, while it does free up HP, is really more of just a sound tuning system for a car. The Fratzonic system for the new Charger is nothing different. It takes a sound frequency and modifies it to something that can be appealing to the owner. Borla is currently making a system for EVs to make them sound like V8s and other things, which is cool, but that same tech could be implemented in the Fratzonic system to give the car different sounds that aren’t v8 sound tracks but an enhanced sound that does give the car a bit more of an organic sound while being a bit more believable (like modifying the frequency to sound a bit more like a Viper V10, which would be a closer performance sound to an EV than a V8 as a V10 has more of a howl that can sound a bit like a big electric motor). that’s just my personal take on it, just from what I see. The direction the brand is taking isn’t a bad direction. It just needs tweaking.

  10. I’d wrote a comment last night on here, don’t know what happened with it but I’m wondering if the range extenders they are talking about are multi-speed gearboxes. I know that ZF is working on a 2-speed one and also Bosch has their CVT4EV CVT unit that would help improve range and performance on EVs

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