Hellcat or BEV? Readers’ choice—you pick!

Mopar has tuned and developed its Hemi V8s into an unprecedented powerhouse with the Hellcat engine series. The fire-breathing, supercharged V8 engines are the gasoline powerplants to beat. They drink a lot of fuel, though not nearly as much as far tamer muscle cars of the past (or big trucks), and can be customized to run even faster.

2022 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody

Meanwhile, battery-electric cars have been tearing up drag strips and race tracks for years. BEVs promise Hellcat-like acceleration, at a similar or lower price, for the next generation, with lower running costs—but you have to keep them charged and if there’s a fire, it’s very hard to put out. Automakers are attracted to BEVs because they require less labor to assemble and have fewer parts; and moving the motors to different types of vehicles seems to be easier than with gasoline.  Dodge is promising a 500 mile range and top-notch acceleration.

Dodge BEV Muscle Car

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