2024 Charger sneak peek?

2024 Dodge Charger rendering

During Stellantis’ electric car information day, faint line drawings of a Charger and a Ram were shown. We don’t know if these represent actual prototypes or CATIA diagrams, or just artists’ renditions; but if one takes the rear view of the Charger and connects some dots, artist YBNormyl suggests, one can come up with something …

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Let’s clarify the Mopar engines of 2023-2027


At the risk of becoming, as one site called Stellpower, “an engine blog,” it may be worth clarifying what is going where. The Pacifica, according to at least one source, is not switching over to the “Tornado” inline six-cylinder; it’s going to stick with the Pentastar V6 for quite some time, and possibly get a turbo …

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What did you think? Some GME T6 comments

Tornado inline six engine (GME T6)

Back in January, we first brought up the “Tornado” GME T6 engine—but, as I pointed out at the time, I’d also written about the inline six back at allpar, years ago. Now, other publications are starting to discover the story, in some cases providing credit and more information, and in others simply denying it could …

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GME T6 “Tornado” engine is officially real, here’s where it’s made (updated)

While nobody at Stellantis has talked about the new straight-six engine, the turbocharged “Tornado” six is actually listed in the company’s list of manufacturing plants. As Stellpower reported weeks ago, the engine will be made in Saltillo, which is currently home of the Hemi—every Hemi. The new inline six-cylinder engine, possibly the last completely new …

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2024 Dodge Challenger’s new engine revealed

GME 2-liter turbo Wrangler built in Toledo

An unofficial but reliable source told us which car might be the first to get the new straight-six engine—and it won’t shock you if you’re read the headline. The first car to get the 3-liter in-line six-cylinder dubbed GME T6 is likely to be the next-generation Dodge Challenger, as well as any platform-mates (likely Charger …

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Two new engines for American Mopars

T4 1.3 turbo GSE engine

Two new engines are getting much closer to production for American Mopars. Each replaces an engine which has been around for quite some time, but isn’t quite living up to its potential. 1.5 turbo should be a good drop-in replacement for the 2.4 First we have the long-awaited turbo six-cylinder, based on the GME architecture …

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GME-T6 coming to Saltillo; 5.7 Hemi leaving?

It might be the last truly new engine made by Stellantis—the engine coded Tornado, after the British fighter. Four years ago, I wrote about this turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine for Allpar.  At the time, people in the company said this powerplant would replace the 5.7 Hemi. There were six advantages of this engine over the Hemi: …

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Future Mopars: Hemi or GME-T6?

Nearly four years ago, I wrote about the “Tornado,” as the turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine then being development was coded (not after the Jeep engine, but the airplane, in line with other Chrysler engine projects). Insiders were certain that the 5.7 Hemi, which was overdue for upgrades—upgrades which had reportedly been at least partly created, …

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