Dealers will advertise real car prices—unless dealers gets their way; comments are open

feldman cdjr (jeep dealer)

Some dealers are advertising the list price of cars on their web sites, then demanding up to $5,000 above list as well as, in some cases, over $2,000 for filing paperwork with states, not including government fees or taxes. The Federal Trade Commission has proposed rules which would, among other things, require dealers to advertise actual … Read more

Tomahawk may return as a model or as a trim level

Dodge Tomahawk

Many recall the original Dodge Tomahawk concept motorcycle, which ended up being sold with few changes as “rolling sculptures” through Neiman-Marcus during a bizarre period of Mopar history. The motorcycle certainly caught the public imagination, but after the copies were sold off, it seemed like the Viper-powered three-wheeler was forgotten within Auburn Hills. That was … Read more

FCA vs Toyota, first half of 2022

2022 toyota at new york auto show

Toyota became a legend for its control of manufacturing quality and supply chains. Stellantis is a new beast, including FCA US, which is notorious among suppliers for its stinginess. On the other end, Toyota also went through years of running on fumes in its engineering departments, while FCA US pushed forward in exciting customers. Who dominated … Read more

Weirdos of Mopar Sales Part III

2009 dodge journey

Every time a car company puts out its sales figures, there will be some oddball vehicles on there—mainly, cars that have long been discontinued. They might have been used as loaners, or been subject to financial or legal issues, or perhaps even forgotten about—or the dealer may have been stubborn about getting at least what … Read more

Return of the Chrysler Atlantic?

Chrysler Atlantic

When Chrysler was having its renaissance in the 1990s, breaking stereotypes and barriers, Tom Gale was trying to find a flagship car to represent each of the brands. Dodge had the Viper; Jeep already had the Wrangler; and Plymouth would have the Prowler. Chrysler was his one failure; he never nailed down the brand that … Read more

FCA inventors create new Park setup

880RE transmission (pictured: ZF Gen 4)

Creating a new hybrid-electric transmission (with integrated electric motors) brings up some problems and opportunities; one of the more prosaic ones is the humble parking pawl, that little bit of metal that keeps the car or truck from moving when the transmission is in Park. Typically, a notched wheel on the output shaft locks up … Read more

Imprisoned Harvey Weinstein suing FCA US

2017 wrangler crash test

From his prison cell, where he resides after a conviction for sexual assault and rape, former producer Harvey Weinstein is suing FCA US for $5 million because, three years ago, his Jeep flipped over. He claims he has been “catastrophically injured and rendered paralyzed” and remains in pain due to the event. Weinstein claims he … Read more