Stellantis’ sales group shakeup (corrected)


Not long ago, Stellantis divided its North American sales group into two sales channels, business to business (B2B) and business to customers (B2C). Jason Stoicevich, former head of US sales and Canada, was made SVP for Retail Sales with the U.S.’ 2,600 dealers. That job includes sales planning, incentives, promotions, dealer relations, and field operations. … Read more

Jeep Avenger 4xe joins BEV in Europe, with video

Jeep Avenger 4xe

The Jeep Avenger 4xe, a new AWD hybrid version of the existing electric and “e-Hybrid” front drive cars, has been unveiled in Europe. To quote the press release saying the same thing: “Celebrating its rich heritage of exploration and groundbreaking design, the iconic Jeep®brand introduces the remarkable Jeep Avenger 4xe.” The Jeep Avenger received over … Read more

Tim Kuniskis is Retiring from Stellantis

Tim Kuniskis

Most of our articles about executive changes don’t get much attention, but this morning, Stellantis issued a press release that is certain to rock the automotive world of many members of the Brotherhood of Muscle – as it has been announced that Tim Kuniskis is retiring from Stellantis. Kuniskis will retire on June 1st, 2024, … Read more

How the Dodge Hornet can run over $50,000

2024 Dodge Hornet R/T window sticker

Eddie at Allpar shared the window sticker of a Dodge Hornet R/T Plus, which starts at $46,400. That is roughly the price of a Toyota RAV4 Prime, the top model of the best-selling crossover; the Hornet Plus comes better equipped, but the Toyota doesn’t need any driver tricks such as PowerShot to run a fast 0-60 time. But how did it get to over fifty grand?

Looking at the 2025 Dodge Avenger on STLA Medium—if it’s coming

2011 Dodge Avenger for 2025?

STLA Large is more a combination of modules than a traditional platform; it is intended to combine everything from the old Dodge Challenger or conceivably a Dodge Intrepid to a Grand Cherokee and minivan.  STLA Medium is not quite as diverse or ambitious, but it still covers a pretty wide variety of car sizes and types.  The platform will definitely influence any future replacement for the Dodge Avenger—and there is very likely going to be one, though Sergio Marchionne ran away [figuratively] screaming from front-drive sedans. It’s still a serious market if your company name is Toyota or Honda…

How Ram is likely to start using hydrogen in its trucks

midsize vans

As reported earlier today, Stellantis has finally provided a small amount of information on the Ram heavy duty plan for hydrogen power. Stellantis’ first vehicles to get hydrogen will be the midsized European commercial vans (Jumpy, Expert, and Vivaro; the Scudo should also be in the list) later this year, with larger European vehicles still … Read more

Ram finally to add hydrogen to the mix

hydrogen Ram truck (heavy duty)

According to Electrek, quoting a German article in Welt, Ram will finally be adopting hydrogen power—and it may not  involve Cummins hydrogen engines. Stellantis reported that they will be expanding to over 100,000 hydrogen-powered delivery vans per year by 2030, with new European vans getting hydrogen power this year. Those vans will be built in … Read more

Stellantis global sales down, but profits still high

Stellantis financials - earnings - dollars

Stellantis reported that global sales of 1.3 million vehicles, down by 10% “reflecting … actions… to prepare for [a] new product wave in H2 2024.” Battery-electric rose by 8% and low-emissions vehicles sales rose by 13% compared with Q1 2023.  The company approved an ordinary dividend of €1.55 per share to be paid next week, and reiterated a €3 billion share buyback scheme.

The €3 billion in share buybacks come as Stellantis has been laying off workers in France, Italy, and North America;

Three tiny Mopar recalls for two problems; elsewhere, three H-K recalls, some bad airbags, and loose nuts

2023 Ram ProMaster

Stellantis issued three recalls for two problems last week; 24V289 and 24V291 both covered Jeep Grand Cherokees (2022-24 for the former and 2023 for the latter), because the rear view camera image may not display. The first recall covers just 8 vehicles whose coax cable might be loose; dealers merely have to secure it. The … Read more

GM dropping spyware, adding privacy officer

chevy spies

Following a controversy over sharing customer data with third parties, GM announced in March that it would stop sharing location and other information with two data brokers. Many were skeptical of GM’s announcement, partly because it was quite specific about dropping LexisNexis and Verisk, which meant the company could simply switch to other brokers….