Modern Street Hemi Shootout 2021 Season Preview

While many racing associations canceled their 2020 season due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the crew from the Modern Street Hemi Shootout series managed to hold their entire season. They had to make some date changes to work around local emergency restrictions on crowd-based activities, but in the end, Dan VanHorn and his team were able to give modern Hemi racers someplace to enjoy track time in a relatively miserable year.


For 2021, the Modern Street Hemi Shootout series is storming back with a full schedule of races and classes, along with involvement in some non-MSHS events. Once again, as the premier all-Mopar racing series, the MSHS is ready to host the world’s quickest modern Mopars on drag strips around the country.

The 2021 Modern Street Hemi Shootout Schedule

The 2021 Modern Street Hemi Shootout schedule starts at Orlando Speed World, with the event being held on March 28th being sponsored by Legmaker Intakes. While the event is held on Sunday, there is a Diablosport track rental on Friday the 26th and the Diablosport Horsepower Wars on Saturday the 27th, so there is an opportunity to race for three days.


Next, the series heads to Dinwiddie, Virginia for the Demon Performance event at Virginia Motorsports Park on April 16. The third event of the 2021 MSHS schedule is sponsored by HemiTuner Performance at Rockingham Dragway on May 15-16. This event begins with the High Horse Performance track rental on Friday the 14th, followed by two days of MSHS racing. The Rockingham event will also include 2021 Challenger Drag Pak Shootout. This is only open to the newest generation of the race-only Drag Pak package.

The fourth event of the season is the ThiTek HEMI’nsanity on Sunday, August 22 at Lapeer Raceway in Michigan. The day before that, Saturday August 21, is the famed Woodward Dream Cruise. The MSHS puts together the most impressive collection of Mopars along the Dream Cruise route, now that FCA no longer has a corporate display. Located in Pontiac in the area known as “The Loop”, the MSHS area at the Woodward Dream Cruise is a must-visit location for Mopar fans.


After the Michigan event, the Modern Street Hemi Shootout heads to Texas, where the series is handling the racing program for the Lone Star Mopar Fest. Lone Star Mopar Fest is held on October 8-9, but racing is on Friday (the 8th).

The sixth event of the MSHS season for 2021 is held on October 22-23 at Maryland International Raceway, sponsored by East Coast Moparts. This event has two days of racing, along with a pre-event track rental on Thursday the 21st.


Finally, the last event of the 2021 Modern Street Hemi Shootout schedule is the High Horse Performance Final Stand, being held at Cecil County Dragway. This is a non-points event, but with the event being held on November 13th in Maryland, we can expect to see some crazy DA and insane times laid down by a collection of the quickest modern Mopar racers in the world.

2021 MSHS Classes

There are 10 main classes that you can enter into at the 2021 Modern Street Hemi Shootout series events and with each racing registration, you get entry into two classes.

First, we have the East Coast Moparts Bracket class, which is open to everyone, with the class running on a dial-in basis. The other dial-in class is the Rookie Class, which open to a limited number of first-time racers at each event.


Next, the MSHS has five index classes, beginning with the Street class with a 12.50 index. The Legmaker Intakes Super Stock class runs on the 11.50 index, the Gearhead Fabrications Modified class runs on the 10.50 index and the Demon Performance Super Pro class runs on the 8.50 index. There is also the High Horse Performance class (formerly the Hellcat 10.0 class), which still runs on a 10.00 index.

There are two heads-up classes at the Modern Street Hemi Shootout events for 2021. This includes the Diablosport/Holley HEMI Outlaw class, which competes in the 8th mile, and the ThiTek Heavyweight class, which runs the full quarter mile.


Finally, the last class at every Modern Street Hemi Shootout event is the Z Automotive King of the Hill, which consists of the winners of every other class. These class winners go head-to-head with a dial-in, with the winner taking home a big check. At the season opener, the King of the Hill winner will get $2,000, with a total of $15,000 being paid out in winnings.

2021 MSHS Class Lineup:
Z Automotive – King of the Hill (dial in)
Diablosport/Holley – HEMI Outlaw (1/8th mile heads up)
Demon Performance – Super Pro (8.50 index)
ThiTek – Heavyweight Class (1/4 miles heads up)
High Horse Performance – formerly the Hellcat class (10.00 index)
Gearhead Fabrications – Modified (10.50 index)
Legmaker Intakes – Super Stock (11.50 index)
Street (12.50 index)
East Coast MoParts – Bracket (dial in)
Rookie Class (dial in)
Nitrous Out – Boost and Juice (Rockingham, LSMF and Maryland only)


At the Lone Star Mopar Fest , there is the unique Fun Pass class.

LSMF Classes:
HEMI Outlaw (Heads Up 8th mile)
Heavyweight Class (Heads Up 1/4 mile)
Bracket (Dial In)
Super Pro (8.50 index)
Hellcat (10.00 index)
Modified (10.50 index)
Super Stock (11.50 index)
Street (12.50 index)
Fun Pass Class

Outside Events with MSHS Involvement

In addition to those events listed above, there are four other non-MSHS events on the 2021 Modern Street Hemi Shootout schedule. Any MSHS racers who participate in the Hemifest in Norwalk, Ohio (July 23-25) or the Southeast Shindig in Georgia (July 30-31) will receive appearance points towards their MSHS season total. Anyone who participates at the Holley Moparty in Kentucky (September 17-19) will get double appearance points.


Finally, on December 10-11, Rockingham will host the first ever MSHS versus The World No Prep event.

Stellpower will be covering the 2021 Modern Street Hemi Shootout season as it rolls out, but if you enjoy racing with your modern Hemi-powered machine, you won’t find a better dedicated Mopar racing events anywhere in the world.

This series wouldn’t be possible without the many companies that sponsor the Modern Street Hemi Shootout. So far, this is the list of sponsors for the 2021 season.


Series Title Sponsor:
Hemituner Performance

King of the Hill:
Z Automotive

Event Sponsors:
Legmaker Intakes
Eastcoast Moparts
Demon Performance
Hemituner Performance
High Horse Performance

Class Sponsors:
King of the Hill – Z Automotive
King of Kings – Barth Tuning
HEMI Outlaw Class – DiabloSport/Holley
Super Pro Class – Demon Performance
Heavyweight Class – ThiTek
Modified Class – Gearhead Fabrications
Super Stock Class – Legmaker Intakes
Bracket Class – Eastcoast MoParts
10.00 Index – High Horse Performance
Boost N Juice – Nitrous Outlet (Rockingham, Houston & MIR)

Prize Sponsors:
Best Reaction Time – Stage 6 Motorsports
Best ET – Hell Raiser Performance
Best 60 Foot Award – AAD Performance
Best Hemi Ram ET – Moe’s Performance
Twin Win – Stell Sav/carfinish
Party Sponsors – VanDrake Racing
Winners Circle Sponsor – Demon116 Fuels
Closest to the Pin – Modern Muscle Xtreme

VanDrake Racing
AAD Performance
Suncoast Converters
Cam Motion
Jokerz Performance
Stanleys Performance
Quick Time Performance
Hall | MileOne Autogroup
Anderson Composites
Gen3 Products

Associate Sponsors:
Holmberg Motorsports
TC2 Motorsports
American Muscle Performance
Sipple’s Speed & Performance
Per4mance Development
True Street Performance
Satera Tuning
Allpar Garage
Professional Auto Collision
Karma Racing Products
Orthopedic Spine Care Of Long Island
Nitrous Outlet
1320 Solutions
Frank Racing

Contingency Sponsors:
Quick Time Performance

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