Honda, Mercedes top recalls list

This week’s recall list was occupied solely by Honda and Mercedes, unless one widens their search to include medium and heavy duty trucks and buses. The most interesting of those recalls was issued by Hino, which had two recalls—one covering six trucks because the front axle U-bolts may come loose, and one (covering the same trucks) because the front axle U-bolts were not tightened properly.

Recalls graphic

Honda had one recall covering a loose fastener on the brake booster assembly, but it covered five different cars—Acura MDX and Honda Civic, Passport, Pilot, and Ridgeline—over four model years (2020-23) depending on the vehicle.

Mercedes won the most-recalled award for the week, with the AMG C43 and C300 having two separate recalls, one for improperly secured wiring harnesses and one for loss of drive power; while the EQS had unsecured rear seat belt buckles.

In the “are these cars or not?” class, Polaris’ Slingshot was recalled because the rearview camera image may not display. Polaris makes fast (and noisy) three-wheeled roadsters and offroad vehicles; generating 203 hp and just 144 lb-ft, for example, the R manages a 4.9 second 0-60 time. In most states the Polaris can be driven with a standard driver’s license; Massachusetts requires a motorcycle endorsement. In most states, drivers must wear a motorcycle helmet; it’s officially classed as an “autocycle” in many states.

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