Alfa, Jeep launches at New York Auto Show—and maybe a new Chrysler logo

Tomorrow holds several New York Auto Show unveilings, including two which have been officially confirmed. The most recent confirmation was for the Alfa Romeo Tonale, which uses the Renegade/Compass platform with a special suspension and two powertrains, one of which has up to 272 horsepower or 30 miles of pure-electric range.

Update: here is our show coverage:

We also have an update on the Grand Wagoneer’s fuel economy with the Hurricane.

chrysler airflow

Yesterday, Chrysler confirmed a new version of the Airflow with a darker color scheme. It may reveal an extremely abstract version of the Chrysler wings, or possibly just new Airflow-only imagery. Several brands have chosen wings as their symbol, diluting the Chrysler image.

The twin turbo straight-six Hurricane engine is likely to be shown; it’s nearly ready for ordering, since technicians are already being trained in service procedures. We earlier predicted that the Hurricane would come wrapped up in a new Jeep variant.

Two new electric vehicles will be shown off in New York, as well; the Vietnamese firm Vinfast has two electric cars coming up, and has promised rides in them for show-goers; and the new American startup INDI is to show off their own electric car, the INDI One, which seems to have a new battery technology.

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