New engine in development for heavy duty Rams

New inclined six for trucks

According to rumors in Auburn Hills, a second engine is planned for these trucks. It, too, would be an inline six-cylinder, but engineered specifically for truck engines. The new engine is rumored to be larger—3.7 liters—and to have a more traditional design, other than an odd 30° tilt. A source within Engineering told us that it was tilted over to make room for accessories on the side so that it could fit into smaller engine bays; and to provide space for a better air path, increasing its efficiency.

Videos, slides: Guided tour to the rest of the 2024 New York Auto Show

Plymouth Gran Fury

This is a guided tour, albeit not in perfect order, of the upper and lower levels of the 2024 New York Auto Show. The upper level was the traditional car companies showing cars, with some interactive experiences; the lower level was the EV test track, miscellaneous exhibitors (including Lucid, which really belongs upstairs), and a large number of tuner cars and otherwise-modded cars (e.g. with paint, decals, and lighting).

Layoffs at Former Fiat

The former Fiat, now FCA Italy, confirmed a hefty number of layoffs, blaming electrification—which is appropriate for around 100 jobs at the Pratola Serra engine plant, but unlikely to be the root cause for laying off 850 people from the Cassino engine plant or 300 at Mirafiori. The news comes via Reuters days after rumors … Read more

Chevy Blazer EV police car, RS quick test drive

all kinds of cop equipment hanging around (Chevrolet Blazer Pursuit EV)

For a long time, Dodge dominated police car acceleration, especially if you discount the turbocharged V6 Ford Explorers. Dodge is still planning police-edition Chargers which should leave those Explorers in the dust, but many departments are moving away from sedans and into crossovers and SUVs. Chevrolet’s new Blazer EV, shown at the 2024 New York Auto Show, may be stiff competition in that arena—both because of its acceleration and because of its readiness for police work.

Mopars at the 2024 New York Auto Show

Overland Park Gladiator

Camp Jeep sat outside the New York Auto Show [see story/video], displaying a good range of Jeeps, but what about the show itself? Officially, Stellantis had no presence; but other exhibitors brought some Mopars in, and here they are…. with a brief video!First, when we come in, we see this Emergency Safety Solutions Jeep, which … Read more

2024 New York Auto Show supercars

Camp Jeep with Grand Cherokee

The New York Auto Show is up and running today, with some everyday car reveals from Hyundai, Kia, and Honda, and some supercars on display.Lamborghini is showing its Revuelto, boasting a top speed of 217 mph and 0-60 of 2.5 seconds. The Rimac Nevera beats that top speed in its world debut, boasting 256 mph … Read more

World’s Quickest Dodge Charger Hellcat Record Changes Twice in a Week

Colby Davis Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

After becoming the first Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat driver to run in the 8-second range back in 2019, Zdung Ho held the record for the quickest Hellcat sedan in the world, with his personal best last year sitting at 7.62, until early 2023. That was when Colby Davis and his Charger SRT Hellcat claimed the … Read more

Meet the JPP Concepts from the 2024 Easter Jeep Safari

2024 Easter Jeep Safari Concepts

The 58th annual Easter Jeep Safari is currently happening right now in Moab, Utah, and as is always the case, the Trail Rated brand has brought out a collection of concept vehicles which have been built with Jeep Performance Parts, Mopar Parts and concept items that may or may not end up in the brand’s … Read more

Around 400 Auburn Hills people cut (updated)

Employee announcement

Around 400 people were laid off from FCA US earlier today. Stellantis told Automotive News.The layoffs were brought up during online meetings in an unexpected “work from home” day. Rumors had been swirling for some time, with more specific rumors of “hundreds of layoffs today” arriving this morning from Allpar and other sources.The company blamed … Read more