Mopar ’21 Ram 1500

Mopar 21 Ram 1500

The Mopar ’21 Ram 1500 is an option pack for the Big Horn/Lone Star Crew Cab 4×4, limited to 250 units: 210 in the United States and 40 in Canada. Available colors are Billet Silver, Bright White, Flame Red, and Hydro Blue. The new 2021 Ram 1500 Big Horn/Lone Star Crew Cab 4×4 is well-equipped … Read more

Is this Wrangler fire-ute a hint?

wrangler firefighter

Is Dodge Law Enforcement giving us a hint about a future new vehicle, by featuring a brushfire-fighting Wrangler conversion from Reiselt’s Machine Works? The idea of a customized law enforcement or fire-fighting Wrangler is perhaps long overdue. The old Dodge Power Wagon was often converted to firefighting duty, but not by Dodge itself. The company … Read more

New Texas-only Gladiator Texas Trail

jeep gladiator texas trail

Texas is the largest truck market in the country, and Jeep is celebrating it with the new 2021 Gladiator Texas Trail. Based on the Gladiator Sport S trim, the Texas Trail will only be sold in Texas. Jeep also added two Texas trails to the Jeep Badge of Honor program: Black Gap 4×4 in Big Bend … Read more

Slant Six Club’s October meet is on

slant six club

The Slant Six Club is having a meet in 2021, on October 3, rain or shine. They are starting at noon, and meeting at the Olive Garden at 510 Woodbridge Center Drive, Woodbridge, New Jersey. (Photo is from a past event.) Contact the Slant Six Club for details.

Reporting on Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is the most popular and most trusted name in general-population reviews, but how good are they with cars? The magazine and its annual car book have been both praised and critiqued for years; I did a large critique on Allpar one or two decades ago, and recently revisited it. Not to turn this … Read more

Stellantis’ Vauxhall is certified British


Vauxhall was owned by General Motors for decades, selling a lineup of Opels and sometimes Chevrolets under their own badge. Nobody seemed to complain about the arrangement then, but with Stellantis in charge, some people are having a problem with it now. When Vauxhall started running TV ads concluding with the words “British brand since … Read more

Rocky Mountain gang prefers Ram TRX

Ram 1500 TRX

The Rocky Mountain Automotive Press named the 2021 Ram 1500 TRX “truck of the year,” the latest in a long line of accolades for the hot pickup.  The group narrowed the candidates to four new pickups, and the TRX won a vote to win the award. The Rocky Mountain Automotive Press is a group of … Read more

Chrysler resurgent: 1992-97

Recently, a Chrysler employee posted part of an internal brochure, and it reminded me of the time when Chrysler came back with a vengeance. This was not the first time, as most readers know; the company has had an absurd number of comebacks under charismatic leaders—under Walter Flanders, Walter Chrysler, Lee Iacocca, Bob Lutz, and … Read more

For real: Stellantis USA posted big retail gains; Dodge hurt by Caravan loss

First, the very good news: Stellantis out-sold Volkswagen AG in Europe, to be the best-selling automaker on the continent in its first quarter as a company. That comes with the caveat that Volkswagen is likely to make a comeback, but Stellantis may still have some tricks in store, with (among other things) clever hydrogen technology that … Read more